Importing goods from Canada into the UK


Hi. I’m exporting from Canada, into the UK (sending my merchandise to the FBA centre in FIFE).
What type of paper work is required?
Do I need a custom’s broker, or are there forms I can fill out myself?
What customs forms do I need?
Are there any other declaration forms i need, and if so, where can i obtain these forms?
Are there any fees or duties that I must paid myself for attempting to have my goods sent to the AMAZON FBA centre, or are any duties paid by AMAZON once they sell my products on my behalf?

Any help would be appreciated? Especially from anyone who has gone through the same process.


Hello The Probiotic Shoppe,

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Your courier should be able to act as your Customs broker - any professional carrier will be able to provide this service.

You will need to obtain an EORI number before shipping your stock into the UK. This number allows UK Customs to directly charge you for import taxes. Amazon will not pay this on your behalf.

If you do not currently have a valid EORI number, please work with your customs broker or carrier to obtain one. Alternatively, you can apply directly to HM Revenue & Customs. For more information, visit the HM Revenue & Customs website at this link:

Shipments which indicate Amazon as the importer and which do not have the correct EORI number (customs identifier) will not be accepted at the fulfilment centre, and sellers will be responsible for all charges related to return of these goods.

If you have further information please let me know.


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