Inactive FBA listings


Hi there

Does anybody know how to relist inactive FBA listings?

I am a small seller selling second hand board games bought from boot sales charity shops etc. I sent some off FBA for christmas and when they got there they tried to say that some were missing which i know is wrong but that is a different argument. When they got the rest they all say inactive and that i can not list them in the holiday period ( i did not know this as they had previously been listed on FFBM with no sales) hence why i sent to FBA. I spoke with someone on the phone and they said they would be allowed again mid january, they are still saying inactive and SS have been their usual helpful selves lol.

Thanks for any help.

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Have they actually been received at the FBA centre and put into stock?
It is a process that can take from a day or two, to several weeks.


Go to Inventory>Manage FBA Inventory and click Relist (far right of screen) for each product you wish to activate.



Thabk you for your reply, yes they were received but it is now telling me i need approval! i was told this was only due to the holiday period before and i would be ok after that. I will try speak to someone on the phone but no doubt that will be a nightmare!



Thank you for your reply. I can’t see anywhere it says relist as it is now saying i require approval, something i was told would go off after the holiday period!

Thanks anyway.