Inactive listings - No one answers my emails


All of a sudden my handmade listings status went to inactive, my account health is good and no performance issues… lve tried to edit but the screen goes to “not accepting my applications at this time” yet my listings are live, just not active,
lve opened 7 cases and asked what the issue is and all come back with standard text to go to edit… lve appealed via the generic handmade email but srtill waiting after 21 days…

Please help!


Have you checked Voice of the Customer?


Yes, zero to report in there, nothing, zilch and health green and good…


what about your VTR ?


No issue there… lve checked everything and no warnings or flags… the whole handmade option has also disappeared from my settings… ie, profile


Have you received any emails ?
Are your goods made 100% by hand ? Any reason for amazon to think they are not actually handmade ?

Your storefront is definitely empty so either a suspension or, have you checked your holiday settings and bank account info ?

Edit - dizzy co designs shows as empty storefront but shows as stopping trading in 2017 ?!


l closed my French shop in 2017, but this one in the UK was trading untill 21 days ago…

and still no response…

could you give me the link to the information you found re 2017? and empty store front?

Many thanks… this is very strange


Does Kates emporium mean anything to you ?

Is your storefront name Dizzy Co Designs ?


Oh goodness Kates Emporium was my old French shop, my UK shop is Dizzy Ci Designs yes…


Do you have 2 accounts then ?

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