Inactive Listings


I’m really tired now that they are as weak as the seller team , amateur and so difficult , I don’t understand what they are doing , I have been selling original Shimano products under a certain brand for 2 years , there are hundreds of companies selling these products as fakes or originals , even Amazon even sells it itself, for the last week, my lists have been inactive and when I click the request approval option, there are only a few lines of text in the window that comes up “We are not accepting applications to sell:
Other Outdoors category in New, Used, Refurbished, Collectible condition(s)”

, Although I could not understand what the problem was , I could not get an answer to any of the questions I asked , by producing different excuses , nothing is done except copy paste , I do not know what to do as hundreds of products are inactive at the moment ,


I would put together an email and send it to both Jeff & the MD as this is the esacaltion service:
E: and

Email needs to be calm, concise and contain all relevant information that you feel will help - do not waffle or appear angry / frustrated - it needs to be entirely factual.

It looks like you are caught in a loop where no one can or wants to make a decision because they do not have the rights to do it, or simply do not understand the request. I had this a while ago where AMZ lost a qty of stock (actually UPS did and held their hands up to it quickly) however AMZ SS would not budge on investigating further to then ask UPS to compensate for the loss, which they would do if only AMZ asked them to - it was a very clear cut case in this instance. I emailed Jeff in the manner above and received an escalation email and confirmation of credit to my account. It works.



Have you tried to list your ASIN in gl_sports instead of gl_outdoors?



Why would I use another company’s ASIN Number, that company also has the same products, I have my own list, amazon has solved the case, Amazon itself is marketing these products, there is an unfair process, there are many companies that sell under their own names, sold as fakes ,It’s not fair, the original products that I have been selling for 2 years are being sold, it was inactive for no reason, then it broke down, but I struggled a lot.


A seller team that makes an effort to solve the problem and only copy and paste to close the case.

Every time a seller team fights not to understand what the problem is , I have reported all messages , which seller team member responds to , this kind of approach cannot be done , if there is a problem , the cause and solution is sought , unfortunately with copy paste from the computer and people try to complicate the trade How bad is the effort, I think that amazon itself is selling the same products while I have a business that runs smoothly, it tries to disable small businesses like us, or other companies try to bring them to the fore, all these problems are reported as a report. I want to send an e-mail in the most appropriate way, to the most authorized person, is there any e-mail address regarding this?