Inactive out of stock but shows avaliable


I have sent off about 5 products about 2 months ago and all of them have been marked as inactive out of stock. shows available and other reserved when looking into it further on stranded inventory. it tells me inventory error and that i need to restock but as said before the stock is there.

i have called amazon help desk and they refreshed the listing and two weeks on the same problem as come up I have also relisted the products myself

called them again and the gentleman said its just being moved to a different fulfilment centre which i believe is not the case

someone please help me I’m struggling here on what to do next


Any account issues ?
Are you fully verified as a business seller ?
Are you based (living) in uk ?

Did you label the units with fnsku labels , and send in on the right listing ?


no account issues that I’m aware of i have just double checked.

i am fully verified as well although i am not vat registered yet.

yes i am uk based

and the products i sent was all beauty items. labelled put into a poly bag and labelled again

this is one of the FNSKU X001NUOVNL


Are you a sole trader or ltd ?
What docs did you upload as proof ?

Any policy violations on account health page ?

Do you have permission from the brand to sell on Amazon with trade only invoices (not shop receipts)


I am a ltd company
what docs do you mean sorry this is quite new to me

i was on the account health and there is no violations on any of it!

and all the products we had sent off had no requirements to get ungated or authorization to sell

thank you for your assistants at the moment


For a ltd company you usually need to upload articles of association, shareholder details, company bank statement etc as well as utility bills for beneficial owners


Whats the asin ?


all the information for my account seems to be fine
and ive been sellling products before hand,

asin: B00JM9Y380


Beauty category is gated to some sellers
If you’ve not provided those ltd company docs, you may have been gated until verification is complete


how do i verify for beauty then?


Go to settings - account info - identity information

Can you just see your own name or can you see your ltd company name and trade number etc ?


everything as a green tick next to it within identity information

that cant be the problem right?


again thank you for your help


But is your ltd company info stated there ?


yes is it!


But they’ve not asked you for any ID etc ?


i submitted all the information for my account a while ago and asked for a bank statement and utility bills and id proof over a video call


everything withing that section seems fine no warnings and all green ticks


And was that for both of you ? Both shareholders ?


only myself but amazon haven’t requested for his information and it doesn’t tell me that its needed or anywhere to upload it within identity information. he is a shareholder and all the inforation is successfully submitted

is this someone i need to update