Inbound items going to 0


I havr searched the forums and cannot see this question being answered.

I sent in a shipment of 50 items split over 5 boxes- all going to the same FC.

3 boxes had 8 items (24 inbound)
1 box had 14 items (14 inbound)
1 box had 12 items (12 inbound)

Today i notice the shipment has been partially delivered- 2 of the 5 boxes been signed for.

My available units for one of the items is 8. And everything else is at zero. Nothing showing inbound. Nothing showing in stock. Nothing showing in FC transfer…
My question is why does this happen? Are they likely lost? Especially the boxes not yet delivered, why 0 inbound?


Don’t worry. Its a very annoying glitch in the logic!!

Before any are received, you have 0 stock and 50 inbound. The moment the shipment starts to be received you have 0 stock and 0 inbound. All of the shipment, regardless of carton are made 0 inbound.

The stock then builds up whilst its being added.


Thank you Conny_Online.

Is that the same for the 3 boxes not yet showing as delivered?


If they are part of the same shipment, then this is correct, it will show 0 inbound


I would advise you to allow some time for the shipment to get received and items processed into your inventory as this can take a few days.