Incomplete address on order issue, now happened twice help please


So keeping this as short as possible.
A customer placed an order for a low value item (under £3) and the address is missing the house number and road. ( i checked on royal mail website)

they didnt reply to my messages through seller central asking them to confirm correct address, so i cancelled the order as undeliverable address.
This has counted towards my cancelation rate which isn’t the end of the world as it was 0%

Today the same customer has placed another order for an even cheaper item and again has used an incomplete address.
Am i right in thinking im not supposed to use there phone number to ring them?
I’m slightly concerned this is someone trying to damage my account.
any advice would be great.


Can anyone help?


You could try marking as dispatched using stamps/franking then refunding as undeliverable address see if that provokes a response from the customer


Least damage will be caused if you mark the item as despatched and the refund. You will be charged a small fee by Amazon but better than losing your account.

If it was me, and heavens forbid, I’m not suggesting you should do it, and if they have a mobile number, I would send the customer a text message. Technically against the rules (I would argue that it isn’t) but I wouldn’t think twice personally about doing that. If they have iOS, I will even know if they have read it.

If they don’t reply, I would do as above, accompanying it with an Amazon message explaining why I did it.


Perhaps you could use a courier and add the number to the booking. The number will then be used by the courier to query the address.

It is not ideal but my understanding it is only in extreme circumstances such as delivery enquiry that the number can be used.


thanks for you help i think i will go with the mark as dispatched and refund option its a £1.95 item and its only letter size. Not a bad idea though about the courier! for something more expensive that could be worth it.


I would also message the buyer again explaining why you have done that ! - that you cannot send their order to an incomplete address and to ensure that their address is correct on their Amazon account - they might get the message !


Just following up on this. The work around used to be the stamps/franking method then refund. But that no longer works without hitting VTR rates. If the buyer doesn’t respond to a request for a full address is there any way of cancelling without a metric hit somewhere? Have an order like the OP with a clearly incomplete address.