Incorrect data across the platform


I would like to notify you about my findings where currently Amazon Reports such as Restock Inventory and Manage Inventory Health display incorrect data. This also affects Inventory Planning UI. Take any SKU and observe just one metric of “units shipped in last 30 days” and you will find that discrepancy is very substantial to what is actually happening.

Here is live example of one of our SKUs for last 30 days units sold:

Restock Inventory = 1214
Manage Inventory Health = 1167
Inventory Planning UI = 1214
If you search last 30 days by SKU = 1686 orders (not units)
And if you use this URL and replace YOURSKU “” = 1759

My calculation is that the units are well over 1.7K whereas amazon reports everywhere it’s 1.2K.

That is HUUGE discrepancy if your numbers go bonkers recently and you don’t know why, I hope this post will help you do deploy plan-b. Any restock tool on the market today is affected. Hopefully, this helps. If I am wrong, I would like your input on this matter.

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