Incorrect delivery times advertising, bad effect on sales


I did post on this last night… noticed it 8pm last night… but the issue I noticed was the delivery date displayed doesn’t match that in the order invoice… so our customers seeing a different date to us? And how can we advise what the correct delivery date is if we see a different date to the customer!


Exactly my point. Two different dates are shown! Finally someone else is seeing this too. I noticed today, i had no idea that this glitch started yesterday.


changed working shift patterns to stay afloat, fruloughed half our staff since that post
now irony i do get…
even with the bank holiday it should not be stating a 2 week delivery window to buyers
anyways, take best care


Just popped in to see if this had been picked up on. Exactly what we are seeing, been through our shipping settings but cannot do anything to bring it back to a reasonable shipping timeframe.

So we’ve gone from not being able to adequately extend times to give a very conservative timeframe, to being forced into advertising a completely skewed delivery timescale.

And Thursday is normally my day of generosity where every order going out on courier (rather than RM) gets upgraded to a next day service so the customer can be delighted by having it before the weekend.

Oh Amazon.


I am FBM. Pro account. My listings show as 13th to 16th May. Haven’t had an order yet to compare dates.

At the end of March, I extended my handling time to take into account delays in shipping, so if Amazon have re-extended it, I need to drop it down again!

Any mods around?

Edited to add - I flagged the first post for moderation with a comment asking Amazon to respond


The long FBM delivery estimates are about 2 weeks too late… in my experience, parcel post seems to be getting back to normal now (Royal Mail). FBM sales are affected here too, so its back to FBA for me (now amzn have unblocked all my FBA Inbound items)


This is really bad, FBA does not get Buybox over MFN (even non SFP), but the MFN date is 2 weeks away!
Needs fixed ASAP.


It’s astonishing. Thousands of people around the world are dying and many people are risking their lives to help the sick, yet the response to a reminder of this from an Amazon seller is…

Just astonishing.


This reply was meant in ironic way, the same way as the post I was replying to. In my spare time I do help people who are in difficult situation or self isolating (grocery pick up etc… ). Instead of you picking on non important posts, just judging people, you should address the real problem of this forum…


Which is what? Your sales figures? The world has gone to hell in a hand cart and all you care about is how much money you’re not making?

As I said, you astonish me.


Customer now seeing delivery date 13-21 May while Amazon tell us delivery expected 5-11 May.
Sales have fallen 50% as a result. Time Amazon fixed the glitch before people go legal!


No I am having the same issue. I am still posting everything as I usually do and for the last two days customers have been getting in touch with me asking if they will receive items by the 16th of May? Which is crazy, at worst even with the current situation 7 days would be at a push for very late items. I operate on 24,48 hr services so I have no idea what I happening.

I think whatever was changed went live 2 days ago as this is when I saw my sales drop.


We are seeing the same thing. Very long delivery dates 11-15th. Sales dropped by 40%. Interesting that Amazon’s own products still offer one day and the usual delivery times.


To everyone - has anyone raised a case about this?


same problems here as well! had a customer contact to cancel the order, however the dispatch for the next day delivery had already gone out! Amazon better sort this out soon!
I’m assuming this is only effect none Prime items…??? If so then how are the none prime shippers meant to compete?


Everybody is under enormous pressure. This includes economic survival and the ability to pay salaries, supplier bills and rents. The current displaying of longer than necessary delivery times has impacted sales hugely for some sellers. Its not a simple baseless moan. The real problem here is the displayed delivery time. Take care of yourself


its on my to do list today, have you done yours and had a response ?


ok so this now looks a bit more like a glitch as now not showing delivery dates at all for my listings and that of some others. Other uk sellers still showing 18-21 May for same products… What is everybody else seeing?


Still showing 12-14 May against my listings.


I see this on my FBM listings too, which is annoying as they go out the same day as order is received, up tp 2pm. I know Royal Mail are in backlog too, so the “normal” 1st or 2nd class service is suffering a bit.
But don’t you think that this has been done so that FBA and Prime still look like the best delivery options, even though they are also a week late?
I’ve noticed an increase in my EBay sales as a result of this because the delivery dates shown there are earlier than what Amazon has done on FBM products in their marketplace