Incorrect delivery times advertising, bad effect on sales


i know it effects sales but you got to think of the delivery companies are swamped with mail and reduced staff after the last bank holiday i think this will right itself after the bank holiday and think amazon are being proactive for once with the upcoming bank holiday


This has been raised many times before and yes it does effect sales, but has reduced complaints of where is my order ?

This has been done so the customer does not get something that can not be promised
If you are selling SFP delivererd by Royal Mail , it has gone to second day and they are no longer counting weekends most of the time

All estimated delivery times have been put way off including FBA (although in the last week this has got slightly better for some products in the last week


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I am unclear how you are calculating estimated delivery dates for my products which are FBM.

Example :

ASIN : 0853290822. Catalogue page states Arrives between May 13-16.

I have a 3 working day handling time, plus a 3-5 day delivery time. So the maximum time should be 8 days. If a customer orders today, I would expect the latest delivery time to be shown as 8th May (or 11th May if weekends are excluded from the calculation).

So how is May 13-16 calculated please?


The reason for the discrepancy on what the seller sees and what the buyer sees on delivery dates is as follows :
It is too ensure that we ship our orders on time and take advantage of the extra few days we have to get them there .

A second day prime order should still be shipped the day it arrived via next day services , this will hopefully make up for the 10% of orders or so that are taking 2 days to be delivered


2 day delivery using RM 48 tracked is still in high 90s % for on time delivery. There is no advantage to the seller in advertising a needlessly long delivery eta window. I am not using SFP


Because a lot of the time , Royal Mail deliveries are actually taking 2 weeks to be delivered ,
there is a Bank Holiday next week , so that means Friday has been taken out , Royal Mail have stated they are stopping Saturday delivery for Letters , which means Saturday has been taken out .

This is all about setting Customers expectations , because they have been numerous complaints

And a lot of sellers do not use standard post , also Amazon seems to think that we all employ lots of staff and might have asbesntees and not be able to get all orders out ontime .

they are also reacting to the fact , that there were huge issues with Royal Mail just after Easter , with many deliveries only just being made now 2 weeks later .


Friday IS the Bank Holiday.


Regarding FBA sales ,
MY FBA sales on Amazon have dropped from 170 orders per day to approximately 5 a day


Sorry You read it wrong or I wrote it wrong , that means both Friday and Saturday of next week do not count as days orders can be delivered
so 2 days out of your estimate delivery date have gone


I don’t want to fall out with you Carol but I tend to agree with Shadowfax on this.
Thousands are dying horrible deaths due to this virus.
Postal workers, along with NHS staff and other ‘frontline’ workers are risking their lives by continuing to deliver mail and and keep the wheels turning yet some people on here seem to have tunnel vision - all they can see are their sales figures.
On several other threads, dozens of posters have been complaining about the number of INRs and negative feedbacks they have received due to Amazon’s unrealistic delivery estimates.
Now that Amazon has adjusted the delivery estimates in a more realistic direction, a smaller group of posters on this thread are making the opposite complaint.

For my part, I’m just grateful that RM are still open for business and count any sale during this crisis as a bonus.

Yes, Amazon could do more to protect sellers and they may have taken a hammer to crack a nut approach, but let’s all try and maintain some perspective and give credit where it’s due!


One last thing:
I am not sure how many orders you are sending out ,
but if you are only selling 10 orders per week
10 % delivered late is not to bad = 1 possibly unhappy customer

if this is 100 orders per week = 10 unhappy customers
if 1000 = 100 possible unhappy customers

Try dealing with the number of issues this causes

I will be honest , it has effected my sales as well but it has also helped the stress levels and amount of bad feedback and complaints


I totally share with you the utmost respect for all frontline workers and we are indeed hugely lucky to have RM functioning at all. I would be comfortable by Amazon extending etd by a day or 2 but 2 weeks is silly when they are promising 2 day delivery themselves. I really dont want to come across as antagonistc and I feel blessed that we are managing to survive at all. I really do hope to be able to bring back our staff currently furloughed but this becomes harder to visualise in the face of a 40-50% fall in sales in direct consequence of the advertised delivery window changing. My own post office rep confirmed they are still getting very high % on the SLA for Royal Mail Tracked and 1st Class. Perhaps we are just lucky. I certainly dont feel as mercenary as you perhaps perceive us. Take care, BE


We have just come through a period when thousands of refunds were being made for goods delivered late, and many many sellers were bemoaning the too short delivery estimates.
Better to overestimate than under.


Sorry to be a bore on this Adrian but per the original posting i am still expected to deliver in 2 working days and in vast majority meeting this target. Advertising for 2 weeks eta is just crazy, the post office would be at near collapse at this point if this were the current reality. The point i am trying to hammer home is sellers should be able to set delivery estimates in their shipping templates. I really do feel for you having to make refunds in the 1000s, i thought there was leniency with this - were they auto refunded ?


My apologies for any confusion.
Not me refunding thousands personally, thank goodness, but overall sellers were obliged to refund thousands of orders due to the confusion caused by late deliveries and amazon’s very poor messages.
The pain of overestimating delivery times will be far less than the pain caused by underestimating.


Hi Pudding - we won’t fall out,

Yes, I have full admiration for everyone working on the front line to keep the country going, and yes, this is the most awful situation.

In retrospect, I probably over-reacted to Shadowfax’s comments, and I will gracefully withdraw my post with an apology.

I would like to say though that the fact that Amazon has extended delivery estimates without informing sellers is not a good thing and has to be questioned. Especially so when the delivery estimates on the order page bear no resemblance to the delivery estimates on the catalogue pages.

As Books_Express_Media1 said, sellers can set longer delivery and handling times, which I, myself have done. So, shouldn’t Amazon leave it up to individual sellers to resolve?


Could not agree More with Adrian.

I would also like to add , that the one of the Reasons we are so successful selling on Amazon when compared to other Market places is the fact that all sellers have to adhere to market practices , whether it be delivery dates or returns ,
Amazon would just not work if sellers could set their own estimates.

That would be a way of Gaining the buy box , how many sellers do you think would adjust their delivery times just to gain the buy box and think it were a worthwhile risk ?

How many sellers out their have had their delivery privileges taken away , by a silly mistake on Premium shipping (not normally the seller fault) that has effected their metrics?

We are all in the same boat by the way , we have all had the estimated dates removed .
One way of getting people to buy from you , is to put in your shipping settings and company info , we are shipping all orders same day if ordered before 2pm for example and using Royal Mail Premium shipping services .


Have to agree with you here Carol - no communication from Amazon about what they are doing/have done, as far as I can see.


Amazon buyers have probably been spoilt over the years with all these promises of super-fast delivery.
They now expect to get everything practically the next day.

That’s extremely unrealistic at the moment.
If Amazon is changing expectations across the board, it will at least put us all on a more-or-less equal footing.
I’ve never been bothered about superfast delivery. As long as the things I order arrive within a week or so I don’t start fretting about it.

I have to admit that in the past, I’ve always assumed long delivery windows to indicate either a dropshipper or a foreign (usually Chinese) seller and I’ve tended to avoid these.

Given the current situation, you would hope most buyers will be alert to potential delays with postage.
If they are not and still expect all orders to arrive next day, I’d rather they didn’t order from me in the first place…!


I agree - Amazon could have done things differently and more effectively.

Just looking at some recent Marketplace orders that I’ve had delivered this week - the tracking page shows:
On the way, but running late
** We’re very sorry your delivery is late. We apologise for the inconvenience.

And that’s even on packages that were posted by the sellers via RM Signed-For !

On the upside, I notice that where it said ‘ask seller for refund’ it now says ‘contact seller’ or ‘contact Royal Mail’.

Perhaps that will lead to a reduction in INRs.