Incorrect delivery times advertising, bad effect on sales


I’ve just had a reply to my case :

We understand that you would want to know how to calculate the Estimated delivery date as you see the delivery date of the ASIN : 0853290822 as Arrives between May 13-16 on the product detail page.

Due to COVID-19’s impact on carrier delivery times, we may temporarily increase the standard transit time and thereby extend the delivery promise to our customers. This will affect only the delivery promises that customers see on the Amazon website and not the handling time in your Seller Central account. As long as you ship the items by the promised shipped date, your performance metrics will not be impacted.

We have posted answers to your frequently asked questions about Amazon’s policies in response to COVID-19.

I’ve asked for a link to the relevant section


Not even ‘have’, but we ‘MAY’ increase…?!


Mmmmmm. Although as a country we are in dire straits both health wise and economically, this shouldn’t stop Amazon communicating clearly!


I had exactly the same , verbatim, response having endured the best part of 30 minutes with what could be best described as an indifferent chat monkey.

We are supplying items for VE day so you can imagine the effect it has had on our sales - we were geared up for a bumper weekend - were moving across to all orders being sent royal mail 24 / 48 tracked and parcel force 24.

Amazon is increasingly treating its sellers with contempt.


Hello gifts

Sellers ARE already allowed to customise both handling times and delivery at account level and product catalogue levels using shipping templates. It works great not least because if you dont meet the delivery expectations and/or handling times you promise your metrics will get dinged for on time delivery, and doubtlessly from -ve feedbacks associated with this.

I also understand that whatever further information you put in an individual listing when condition is new is commented out by Amazon anyway. I need to double check this but information not relating to the product like buy from amazing us same day disapatch may also be a policy violation - but i might be thinking of another channel.

Have a lovely evening everybody



You are not able to add any condition comments to new items.

I don’t think it’s a policy violation to add details about your despatch times though


The problems were as much caused by Amazon’s idiotic and inaccurate messages as by actual late deliveries. I have had some very late deliveries but were able to sort out most of those out with not too much grief from the majority of customers. I had a good number of customers who were bemused by the varying delivery times being quoted by Amazon, promises of refunds, when inappropriate, and so on.

Now just as the Easter backlog appears to be sorted out Amazon are imposing delivery schedules which are absurdly long and also inaccurate, this is also another disservice to customers as well as to us.

Really they should stay out of this completely,


Just raised a Case - Everyone affected ought to perhaps do the same. My oh my, weeks too late if this is some sort of response to what we were all banging on about a few weeks back! To extend delivery times!


They maybe did listen to us after all ! - but delayed action !


I understand it is the same for all of us - however, we have lost over 1400 buy boxes and guess who is now winning them … AMAZON!


Same here

we are selling a party table cloth - obviously a non essential item !

The delivery dates showing to the customer are currently 14th - 18th May (today is 1st ) even though we are sending out same or next working day with a Premium Shipping Option
and yet Amazon have the buy box (even though they are more expensive than us) as an Add On offer - they show that you can delivery by Tuesday - so 2 days away

So much for Amazon not taking in Non-Essential products in from FBA sellers - they’re too busy bringing in their own Non-essential items


Briefly yesterday delivery times were not displayed at all and orders went up again, Today delivery time again showing 14-18th May, basically up to 2 and half weeks. This is just insane. I really feel Amazon needs collective lobbying on this . Our sales have been halved. So upsetting in what is already a fight for survival


Like I said in a previous post, they maybe did listen to us, eventually, when we were needing a longer delivery time, they have acted - BUT TOO LATE !


I don’t think anyone was asking for a blanket change of delivery dates.


It’s appalling

Regulation is desperately needed in this sector,

For starters Amazon and (any others) should be forced to completely separate their own retail business from the business running marketplace sites


Well since they announced a massive fall in profits due to the corona virus protocols they have had to implement then they need to recoup that from somewhere :smiley:


Why? It’s their platform, their rules, their game. Why should they be forced to do anything differently? Would you like somebody to force you to change the way you do business? I doubt it and neither would I. It’s called competition. That is the world of business. You compete and carry on; if you can’t compete, you do something else.


I agree here. I just have a problem with the skewed delivery times which creates an uneven playing field. In some ways this is no different to gatings on some books in new condition. Perhaps I should just get used to it…


Amazon is in an incredibly strong market position, with perhaps only one significant competitor. The barriers to entry in this market are enormous and therefore trust or monopoly regulation should apply.They are running two businesses alongside each other and are able to capriciously and unfairly change the rules change the rules overnight to favour themselves. Their behaviour in all sorts of ways exhibits monopolistic tendencies.

Tens of thousands of businesses and individuals are to some extent dependent on Amazon and it really should be properly regulated as banks, financial institutions and other sorts of large companies are regulated


Then your answer is to sell elsewhere, is it not? Or sell something different? I have to say, I would never enter into a sales competition with Amazon because I could never win. Their buying power is infinite compared to most businesses. Fortunately, I sell in a sector in which there is no competition whatsoever from Amazon. They aren’t interested in retro games or used vinyl records etc. You cannot make your money from a selling platform by expecting that platform to let you have it all your own way. It’s a market place, just like any other. On your local town market there might be four or five stalls, all selling fruit and veg. They either collude on the price, and become a cartel, or they compete. Amazon is no different.