Incorrect delivery times advertising, bad effect on sales


Could not have been said better :ok_hand:


And the same reply is for you. If you can’t compete, you sell something different where you can compete or you sell on a different platform. It’s business. The strong survive, the weak do not. It is what it is.


I’m not complaining because I can’t make a living on Amazon. I can and have done so for more than a dozen years

It doesn’t change the points I’m making


Hi All,
I am experiencing the same problem with delivery times, they key thing is that as a FBM seller you have zero chance of getting the buy box, therefore as a result Amazon are killing us small businesses in our greatest time of need. I now may as well close down the business down now and wait.
As usual not even a message from Amazon and complete disregard.
I suggest EVERY FBM raises a case so they will be aware of the impact.


It does. The terms are set by the platform owner, whether that’s Amazon, Ebay, Etsy whatever. You sign up, you agree to abide by those terms. Everybody agrees this. If you can make a living under those terms, like you are doing, then that’s great. If you can’t, you have to think of something else. No court in any country is going to say to Amazon, you have to change the way you do business because you’re putting smaller businesses under. They would simply argue, it’s competition.

The world is full of companies doing exactly the same. Take Microsoft for example. Not the company they once were but which computer manufacturer doesn’t use Windows as it’s platform? Virtually none. Linux came along and couldn’t compete and neither can anybody else. Everybody runs Windows. It’s a given. Whether or not you think Microsoft have a monopoly or an unfair market share is irrelevant.

The world wants Windows on a computer and the world wants the likes of Amazon to offer books or other goods at low prices. We all either compete with them or we don’t. I choose not to complete with Amazon. The day I see an Amazon buyer hauling his butt around a car boot sale on a Sunday morning at 5am, I’m off.


The difference with other players is that Amazon and ebay are effectively the gatekeepers of internet commerce.

How they achieved that dominance is debatable but the fact is that they now have a virtual duopoly on smaller retail companies’ access to the online market.

Of the two, Amazon is the only one that is often in direct competition with the sellers in the marketplace it controls…and that raises questions.


Nothing illegal in that though. At the end of the day, the seller still has a choice of whether to sell here or not. There’s no tied agreement which prevents escape. If I can’t compete, I leave. Simples.

I wish I’d thought of the idea, though :roll_eyes:


Perhaps the law simply hasn’t caught up with the reality? :confused::policeman:


Perahps, but that is where we are at present. Everybody can only work with the laws that are in place. :thinking:


I think Splendid was making an ethical point rather than a legal one.
I can see the day coming when Amazon will be forced to split off its various interests…it’s just too big. I doubt any company has ever been so dominant in so many fields. I guess it all depends on a government having the courage to tame the beast.
The EU has been poking at Amazon for quite while now and has forced a few mostly minor changes (and not ones that always benefit us little people).


That’s the billion dollar conundrum. However, is it really any different to how Google or Microsoft operates? Not sure. I’m not really affected by these things because I’m in a very niche market which is not of interest to the big boys, or indeed that many other smaller sellers. Obviously things like books, mobile phones, electrical goods, have lots of competitors, fighting for the sales.


They have both been given big fines by the EU, running into the billions. I think these big tech companies now see it as a just another cost of doing business.


Going back on topic, it seems to me that the best solution would have been for Amazon to allow us to extend the delivery window in our shipping templates.

It’s still not possible to go beyond 3-5 days for domestic delivery as far as I can see.


Yep, I would agree on that one. On the other platform some of the stuff I’ve bought has something like 14 days between dates.


Only just noticed this, but yes… I have small letter items that are usually delivered within 24-48 hours. All my listings are now showing 2 weeks delivery time!!
Two very obvious things have happened since this change:

  1. My sales have fallen through the floor.
  2. All my recent reviews say something like “This arrived so much earlier than expected!!”

So sick of the Amazon dictatorship. If they hadn’t eradicated literally every other market, we might have some leverage… alas, Amazon not only hold all the cards, but also manufacture the cards, own copyright on the design of the cards, the room in which we’re playing cards, and the air we’re breathing in said room.


And on the Saturday all parcels that arrive at Royal Mail (to the exclusion of letters) will be delivered that’s all we will be delivering.

On the positive side, think of all the 5* feedback sellers will get because their items arrive well before the EDT


The change in delivery estimate appears to have made no difference to my FBM sales & FBA sales are up about 800% since thursday.


My sales have also gone up rather than down but since yesterday - they were down on Thursday but such is life.


instead of the negatives think of the positives , how like your customer will receive item earlier than told so no refunds


Absolutely right, Pudding. I tried to extend my 3-5 days but no joy.

I really am not concerned regarding effect on sales here, for me it is more of a principle that Amazon are changing our delivery times with no announcement to us.