Incorrect delivery times advertising, bad effect on sales


As you said your not being effected by the behaviour of Amazon. I have a feeling your perspective would change if you were.


What I find the worst thing is not that they are giving the long delivery estimate but that they are telling the buyer one thing but then on the backend are telling the seller another
For example buyer bought something from us today (we only sell FBM)
On the product page it’s telling the buyer expected delivery 15th-20th May but on seller central for the order its telling us to deliver by 9th-13th (which is correct as per the extra handling time and shipping level I’ve selected).
What they should of done was allow the seller to have different delivery date options in the shipping options instead of just 3-5 or 5-7 for standard instead of blanket saying the orders will be delivered by x-y to the buyer

Now the more cynical side of me would be thinking that now FBA is coming back more to normal then they are telling FBM sellers to get back in their box by way overestimating delivery times so that the sales are pushed through FBA instead.


Indeed it would. However, it doesn’t, so it won’t. I chose not to sell a product that a billion other sellers are competing to sell. That’s the whole point of being in business, isn’t it? Trying to find a niche market that the world and his uncle aren’t selling in.


hi i have been change from to domestic category and i m selling artificial flowers for funeral . i just noticed my standard delivery estimated time is from 13 to 26 of May . Nobody even going to look at my item because delivery time. My items were despatched in 24h delivered by courier in max 7 days no complains so far , but im loosing customers and i tried to change i can not do . any advise please


Someone may have mentioned it, but what’s going on with the fact the delivery time on the website doesn’t match when the order comes through? What delivery time is the customer seeing there end… Website say’s delivery by 12th May - 14th May… order page says delivery by 9th May, which isn’t going to happen as No delivery next Friday for bank holiday… and no delivery saturday likely as we send large letter standard… is the customer actually see the date displayed on the website?


IFIWK I would add a comment to my condition notes (that is if you are able to) noting your despatch times


Try changing your seller name to include your delivery date i.e ‘Heathers_floral_art Delivered Within 7 DAYS’ of ‘Heathers_floral_art Guaranteed Delivery Within 7 Days’


you cant add condition notes to new items


I know! That is why I qualified my statement with “(that is if you are able)”


I 100% welcome this change, the only thing I’m annoyed at is I didn’t see it earlier! I closed last Tuesday as the quantity of sales and the amount of stress was too much with people being generally abusive and not willing to understand that Royal Mail is under immense pressure. I then spent the weekend trying to learn how to bulk change handling time ahead of reopening, got frustrated by that but then finally managed it and now have realised I didn’t need to do that all along! At least I’ve figured out how to do it now. It’s much better to under promise and over deliver.

The better option would have been to give us options to change shipping times to what we wanted, we could have had the sole control to make those decisions individually. But I guess whilst we sell on Amazon as third party sellers, any late deliveries that occur as a result of Royal Mail whilst they reflect badly on us (rightly or wrongly) and effect us in terms of feedback etc, Amazon’s reputation also takes a hit.

Amazon are known for customer service and the customer is king as well as fast deliveries in general. Anything that impacts that reputation will ultimately impact us all going forward.


the problem is that when a customer buys the estimated dates revert back to just a week which is what they see when they look to see the order dates after paying


Sorry to hear you are getting abuse Katie. Sales have held well for us, I just wish we had more autonomy in setting shipping times. We would never deliberately over promise but our reports from our RM rep are showing almost 100% delivery by day 3 and over 90% for 2 day delivery of our tracked 48hr items. Take care and good luck with repoening


all ours are showing delivery of 7 days + even though we are on 3-5 days via the shipping settings.


Its a tricky one as postal delays where a real issue for many of us and late deliveries but its telling that the extended times are only against 3rd party sellers as far as i can see and Amazon itself or FBA sellers are not getting extended delivery times given to them which is giving them an even bigger advantage. Right now, Amazon as a selling platform is anything but fair for a multitude of reasons be it this or alleged violations etc.


Mine are showing the same from the customers view and from my orders view.


Thank you but I guess that’s the problem. Some areas of the country are being affected a lot more than others. I’ve got things taking up to two weeks for first class. Others where they still haven’t arrived when posted on 14th, 16th 20th and this is items with tracking. The postie who picks up my collection told me the next person he picks up from me sends everything 24hr tracked and he’s been waiting for 10 days for the first scan.

The issue has been someones ordered from me and potentially you at the same time, yours arrives in 3 days mine still hasn’t arrived after a week and then I get called a liar and all sorts because “everything else has arrived that I ordered on the same day”. Stress levels are high all round and people are just looking to offload and doing it via keyboard is the easiest option. Unfortunately there are humans behind every keyboard as well all know! I understand but you have to protect your selling account and own mental health at some point! I’m all good though, lessons learned and systems in place to mitigate :slight_smile:


Purchased Thursday evening, posted 2nd class Friday (Dorset), positive feedback received Monday (Yorkshire)

Deliver by: Tue, 5 May 2020 to Mon, 11 May 2020


Think there is still quite a lot of regional variation / blips. Largely working really, really well. Lets get this bank holiday out the way and see if it normalises the delivery times… not holding my breath


Amazon just extended our expected delivery date by 2 days completely out of the blue. Our competition’s delivery times are the same as before so we are losing a lot of sales. Anyone else had this happen to them?

The delivery date is incorrectly reported on the listing only. It shows right in the order details. I’ve messaged SS, but got the same generic answer posted in this thread.


So would you rather have the sales and then get complaints about late/non-delivery, since there’s nothing you can do about delays once the goods leave your hands?