Incorrect disbursement to your bank account


I’ve just received this and my balance now shows as £0.00

Anyone else received this email? WTF goes on?

Dear Seller, A technical issue occurred on 2019-09-03 and resulted in an incorrect disbursement to your bank account. This caused an overpayment as part of the disbursement on or around 2019-09-03 to your bank account. To recover the overpayment, we will be debiting the overpaid amount from your Amazon seller account within 5-10 business days. The overpayment amount will first show as part of your “Unavailable Balance” in the Payments Report in Seller Central. Once we have debited the amount of the overpayment, it will no longer show in your “Unavailable Balance” section, and you will see a transaction that says “Non-subscription Fee Adjustment” for the amount of the overpayment. No further action by you is required to correct this overpayment. For specific information, or for any questions please contact us at We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

Sincerely, Seller Performance Team

Does this mean that I will receive nothing from future sales for two weeks?

If @jessica is around can you please investigate this for me.


It means that they will initially reserve the amount to be repaid, in your “unavailable” balance.
Once they take that from your funds it will no longer constitute part of those unavailable funds but will show on your payment report as " Non subscription fee adjustment".
Any funds in your available balance will therefore still be open to disbursement by you as normal.
Have you checked and can you tell how much you owe back?


I think so. But I’ve asked Amazon to confirm the amount they believe is owed. So far they haven’t replied.


Well anything in your available balance you can disburse, they will move the affected funds to the “unavailable” balance before taking it, according to that notice, so unless it is an amount that exceeds your order totals you shouldn’t have a dry period when you can’t disburse.


It seems it is higher at the moment


I think that the text of the e-mail is very clearly explaining what happened and how will Amazon proceed.

Have you received the overpaid amount in your bank account already?

You should be able to tell how much was disbursed to you incorrectly.


I have been through my bank account and I think I’ve found the over payment. I’m waiting for Amazon to let me know what they believe I’ve been over paid. This is the first time this has happened and it’s Close to the date a disbursement was rejected and my deposit bank details removed. Really not impressed with this.


Will it impact your business or personal finances significantly if they recover the funds in one hit?
If so I think you could appeal the decision to do so and request a payment plan instead.


Thankfully it won’t. Thanks to all for your posts and info.


I also received this message. My overpayment was for only £30.23, yet they cancelled my dispersement yesterday for £211, and I am not able to disperse at all (normally able to daily), yet only £30.23 is owed, i have messaged CS but haven’t heard back anyone else had this message?



My overpayment was £156.97 which currently exceeds my balance so my account is zero. I messaged CS and they confirmed today the same amount. I have replied and asked if when my balance exceeds this if I will be able to disburse without waiting 5 - 10 business days.

I don’t feel so peeved no that I know I have actually had the money.

I hope your problem is solved soon.

CS have since replied with this:

To answer your question, once the reserved amount is held, any funds over this amount will be available for disbursement.


I havent received my overpayment yet, it will be interesting to see how much it is, however i did reply to amazon with this message. I stopped short at asking them for a plan of action

Please advise, The following

  1. How the technical issue occured
  2. What you are doing to ensure it doesnt happen again.
  3. The amount involved in this issue.


Nice but in my opinion risky as they may keep watch on your account and if you get an issue they may hammer you. Just my thoughts.


Agreed, but I dont even know how much the overpayment was, as far as i am aware i have been disbursing my normal amounts every couple of days, there was nothing unusual with the amounts.


In my case it was a result of a failed disbursement in August.
I got a message saying my routing information was incorrect and a disbursement failed. This wasn’t true the account has been working fine for a number of years. I contacted ASC and was told I had to renter the bank details. After doing so I was notified it would take a number of days to verify account and disbursements wouldn’t take place during this time. So for about a week cash flow from Amazon was zero.
The “incorrect disbursement” was the original failed disbursement coming through eventually.


Ah now it makes sense. I’ve just checked and the amount of my overpayment is the same as when I had the same disbursement failure.