Incorrect New Small and Light Fees in Manage Inventory


Has anyone else noticed that the estimated FBA fulfilment fees for items in Manager Inventory are incorrect?

Today (1st March) is the date for fee changes and most of my products should be moving from £0.65 to £0.86 as part of the Small and Light fees but instead £1.71 is displaying which is the non Small and Light fee


I was just about to post the same thing. They are charging £1.71 which is the Standard FBA fee rather than the £0.86 fee

I am hoping it will be fixed by the morning and it is just a glitch as they switch things over.

EDIT: I have just checked a couple and they are still enrolled in Small and Light


Checking some of the despatches done after midnight then the fees they are taking are definitely the Standard Fees rather than the SNL fees

So for example on a £2.50 item they have taken £2.09 in fees leaving me with just £0.41 it should be fees of £1.24 leaving £1.26.

@Julia_Amazon, @Jessica, @Winston_Amazon, @Maja_Amazon this needs looking at first thing in the morning as a matter of urgency (if not resolved by then!)

Once the fees are fixed we need to be reimbursed for the incorrect fees taken since Midnight.

Time for bed…hopefully will wake up and find out this is all a bad dream :smile:


Glad it’s not just me :blush:


Same here. 28 ASINs with Standart fees instead of Small and Light. Hope it will be fixed soon, since it may affect almost half of my future orders.


Likewise, same here. Just trying a refresh of half a dozen items to see if the fees change. Very likely a system cock-up, again. We have 250+ affected listings, each with a selling price of £2.79. Total fees, £2.28, net 51p.:tired_face:


Same here. Yesterday’s SnL £0.65p FBA fees showing £1.71 instead of the expected new rate of £0.86


Same here too, just been putting prices up so they wont sell.


yep us too!


Same here
My £1 ones have correctly changed to £1.21 but the 65p ones have changed to £1.71
As if the Letter VTR scandal for FBM wasn’t enough :unamused:


Not a bad dream then.

Seriously I am losing loads of money. @Julia_Amazon we need an urgent fix


Good morning!

Thanks a lot for tagging us.

Let me investigate the issue and come back to you as soon as I have any updates.

In the meantime, can you please confirm you opened cases with Seller Support?



Not yet I will open one now


I have
Case ID: 8469420372


Case ID: 8467489162


Yes, I’ve opened one.


Just to note
40 mins ago I disenrolled the sku from s&l , then 15 mins ago I renrolled it
The fee hasn’t changed either time so there’s definitely an issue with that size band


I saw you have included this information in the case as well - thanks for that!


Also opened a case:

ID 8467528112


Yes, I tried that earlier but it made no difference either.