Incorrect Referral fee


Hi beautiful peeps.
Im selling an Asin under Baby category. Previously referral fee of 8% was charged to it. Suddenly Amazon changed it to 15% . It’s been more than 6 months now that my referral fee is 15% whereas my competetitors is 8% only. Our categories and GL codes are same too but my Category is Baby but Referral fee category is changed To Home n Kitchen…and they have refused to change it.

Any help here will be much appreciated. Thanks


By any chance has your price gone over £10?


No mate , under 10 gbp…that’s the issue


Then you probably have a change of category, or if you are charging shipping on top off, it could bring you over the £10.


Yup Amazon changed our category to Home n kitchen previously, we get that to change it back but Referral fee category of Home n Kitchen remained same n despite our repeated cases, they haven’t changed it :frowning:


Have you deleted/recreated the SKU you are using?
It’s probably still locked into the new category.


Yup tried deleting but I created again after 15 minutes… didn’t worked although the ranks got a bit disturbed.


Hello @ Sarparah,

Apologies for the delayed response. I want to check if you have managed to solve this issue and if you still need support.

Did you manage to make changes in your listing?

Kind regards,