Increase Prices or Go Out of Stock?


Im finding it hard to keep up with demand on some of my handmade items. I dont know what is the best thing to do. Up the price a fair bit to slow things down or to go out of stock until i have enough back up stock again?

Either way i know i am going to take a hit on my rankings. But which is the better option?

Im selling too many lower priced items and i can’t make them quick enough, working 16-18 hours a day right now and getting behind.

Any ideas anyone?




Up the price, that way even if you sell fewer you will still retain your profit.
After all, there is obviously demand for your product, so why should you not take advantage of that fact


I agree with Adrian. Might as well make a bit more money! Pleasant problem to have, isn’t it?

Or… put the shop in holiday mode for a couple of days, while you catch up and make some back stock.


Increase prices, make the most of it during the festive season. Do not put out of stock as you may lose the ranking and fall back on search pages.


Thank you all. It is a nice problem to have but also stressful.

I had a quieter evening yesterday and manage to clear all of Tuesdays backlog so just yesterdays to catch up on. Im so used to getting everything out quickly.

I already put my prices up in November so not sure what to do as these are all low value items that are steaming out and a lot of similar competitors on the market place. I was hoping going out of stock for a few hours/day might have been the better option. But if i get another flurry i will do it.

Had September to November not been so dire i would have employed someone to help. Never mind i will make it, pack it and post it all.

Thanks all, happy selling everyone :evergreen_tree:


Next year perhaps you can spend some of the quieter periods preparing the base units ready for the [hopeful] Christmas rush that will again occur, so that you can fulfill more units in less time, rather than having to start from scratch with every unit?