INR after 3 months - not tracked - what action?


Just had a message via Amazon that an order from 3/10/22 hasn’t arrived - should I tell them to create an A-Z that I should win? what is the consensus pls?


You should never tell them to create an A-Z - that is just asking for trouble.

I would say that the item was dispatched on whatever day you dispatched it and per Amazon policy it is now not possible to investigate claims of missing deliveries as 90 days has passed.

The truth is that since it was untracked if they manage to raise an INR with customer services it will probably be automatically refunded - but possibly by Amazon without a defect - you never know.

EDIT - any reason in particular you have posted this in the FBA section - was it an item that you posted yourself - FBM?


I usually send a message to say it’s important buyers keep track of whether their item has arrived or not as I can’t do anything past 90 days and it’s been ‘x’ since it was dispatched. They can’t submit a A-Z after 90 days


Depending on the EDD for a 3rd October order of course…


Hello @DS_Trading_Company,

Is it common, to wait so long to report an INR?

@PeterB and @HOSupplies thank you for your posts.