Insane increase in FBA fulfilment fees


Has anyone else had their FBA fulfilment fees go through the roof?

Product A used to be £3.64 it is now £5.84 = 60% increase!
Product B used to be £3.12 it is now £5.84 = 87% increase!
Product C used to be £2.89 it is now £5.68 = 97% increase!

So much with raising prices inline with inflation! Hopefully someone at Amazon has a brain and realises the increases from 1st March will lead to nothing good! We are going to have to increase every product by £3-£5.


I assume they are ones now using dimensional weight?


They are yes but even so, an average increase of 80% is ridiculous


It certainly does put some sellers of bulky but light products in an awkward position.


Yes, a similar issue with a few of our products. Amazon’s announcement noted ‘moderate increases in some FBA fees’. Hardly moderate and poor form really. Amazon will not be competitive now in many, many categories but this will take a few months to feed through. Many sellers will not be aware until they do their reporting.