Introducing the new Pan-European FBA programme


We are introducing improvements to our Pan-European programme to help your business grow internationally by reaching millions of customers across Europe at a lower local cost and with the fast delivery that customers love.

After listing your products in the required Amazon European stores, you can choose which countries to enable for Amazon to distribute and store your products to meet expected customer demand, at no additional cost to you. As a result, in countries where your products are stored, you will enjoy Amazon fast delivery and local fulfilment fees.

Thanks to the Pan-European FBA programme, you have the opportunity to boost your European sales up to 30%* while saving up to 53%** in fulfilment fees.

How to get started with the new Pan-European FBA

  1. List and sell your products in the required Amazon European stores (,,, and with Prime badge eligibility.
  2. Enable additional countries for Amazon to distribute and store your products close to customer demand. There is no additional cost and you can enable as many available countries as you want to accelerate your business.
  3. Send your inventory to your nearest fulfilment centre and let Amazon do the rest. Amazon will also place your products in countries where you already have provided a VAT registration number in Seller Central.
  4. Enjoy Amazon fast delivery and local fulfilment fees for your products listed in all required Amazon stores, in the countries enabled for storage.

Get started now with the Pan-European FBA programme. To learn more, visit this page.

*Based on a February 2020 study with 876 Pan-European FBA Selling Partners with all European countries enabled for storage, compared to similar FBA Selling Partners not using Pan-European FBA.

**Calculated as the highest achievable savings comparing the EFN fulfilment fees with the Local fulfilment fees.

Pan EU VAT requirements

Why is Amazon promoting this including the UK when the “New” PanEU programme is actually just for EU countries?

The deadline for stock movement across the channel is imminent (certainly before any new seller could sort out their EU VAT registrations).


More practically, with the “NEW” PanEU programme - can you choose countries on a per-SKU basis, or does everything you sell have to be available in all countries you sell in for it to get any PanEU benefits.

E.g. we are registered in all PanEU countries already, but have a SKU that we only want to sell in DE and FR. If we only have listings for that SKU in those countries, will customers on and get PanEU benefits when buying that item (and will we be charged PanEU shipping rates)?


Is it possible to place and store products in the Czech Republic and Poland?


so basically you only have to register in the countries where you want stock placed?


In answer to these questions, as I have learned recently. After Brexit you need to land inventory in one of the EU countries - you need an EU EORI Number to do that. We have a VAT number in CZ and PL so we can store inventory in those countries. You can only store inventory in countries where you have a VAT number logged with Amazon.
In terms of the specific countries - FR and DE, you can now select that option I believe, though this is a new facility. Previously, to use Pan EU an individual SKU had to be available in all EU countries. We have two listings for the same SKU in some countries where one listing is for the small and light programme in that country, but the more expensive second one is for Pan EU. I believe there is a new MCI option that allows you to place inventory in one or more EU country and fulfil from that country - the obvious advantage being that you would not have to pay for all the VAT services fees in all the other countries.
Hope that helps


It would be nice if Amazon staff monitored these posts and replied with helpful official answers. At the moment it feels like the blind leading the blind!

@simswithcredit - I think you legally have to register for VAT in every country where you hold stock (except your home country, where there’s a turnover threshold before you need to register). I recommend you talk to an accountant to clarify that!

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