Introducing three mandatory ASIN attributes, effective October 26, 2021


I genuinely don’t understand this announcement - what are PT’s? What do they mean eight? Does that mean only some products are affected?! I’m so confused.


PTs = Post-Traumatic-Seller disorder


Product types. I nearly asked the same question.


Me neither! Didn’t cover this in my degree course- my “ology” counts for nothing with Amazon!


Not sure how it applies to us as for the time being I do not get it… So I need to wait and see. I do not like it anyway lol


Still can’t say i understand the message :rofl:


Amazon’s product isn’t stuff. It’s data.

Their data customers want more and more precise information, particularly when you can attach it individual retail behaviour.


They may say they require the information on the product types or in management speak PT’s but I can’t find a list of these .

Any how they may require them but you can update your listings as much as you like but they will not update to show the change . We updated country of origin on all our active listing most have not updated

We have a cushion listing showing a size attribute of a nappy can’t get it changed . (the listing is one we wrote our barcodes etc )

All these bot changes to the listing is making amazon look a mess and confusing .

Amazon if you want all this new info you have to give the author of the listing a right to edit




To see the Product Type list, scroll down to point 7 here.


more lunacy … gonna leave this crap its pityfull and pointless


What the f**k are they talking about


Which toilet paper are we allowed to put in toilets please?


Someone is bored and is trying to justify their role in Amazon and is sadistically laughing at all us sellers
Let’s face it in reality Amazon employ us we are at their mercy!


Yes, as a customer on Ebay I find what I am looking for virtually first time every time, on Amazon I frequently have to wade through pages of completely irrelevant offerings to find what I want, or try a number of different searches.


It’s white collar job creation as far as we can tell - to get you noticed - as though you’ve achieved something


It’s going to get much much worse, set up the bot and let it go, then rinse and repeat, an automated process that requires a manual response…


How many new things have they introduced in the past few weeks ? -I’ve lost count - it is madness.
…and every one supposedly to benefit / provide a better experience for the customer


where are you moving.may i ask as no other sales channels give you this much sale?


Etsy is beating Amazon - that’s how dire it is on here for us.
Our own site is beating Amazon
Ebay is by far our best channel.

We’ve stopped sending FBA in and will slowly start to remove our FBM listings.

Hope to be Amazon free by Christmas.

Amazon used to be a great channel for us, but unlike the other platforms they’ve really gone downhill in the last 5 years.


This is what happens when you only employ people with 3 degrees. No actual experience of doing a job, just lots of roleplay and paperwork.