Invalid UK VAT Number email


I have received this e-mail, but am unsure if it is genuine or not. I don’t want to click on links until I know.

I have looked in my notifications, but it isn’t in there, though with the last message from Amazon regarding category changes, that does not seem to mean anything anymore.

The email address looks like it could be a real one: {removed by Amazon}

The information in the message is correct, my VAT number is registered in my name as I was an entertainer and VAT registered before I started Party2u. But I don’t know if it is easy for anyone to obtain that information.

Here is the e-mail:

Dear Seller,

We reviewed the UK VAT number {removed by Amazon} that you submitted in Seller Central but were unable to verify that it belongs to your business as the legal name in the VAT registration does not match your Seller Central legal name.

Legal name listed in VIES: {removed by Amazon}
Legal name listed in Amazon Seller Central: {removed by Amazon}

We have removed the VAT number from your public seller profile.

If this UK VAT Number does belong to your business, and you can provide evidence of ownership of this VAT number, please email {removed by Amazon}. Please provide your UK VAT number, your Amazon legal seller name, an explanation of the reason for any difference with the Legal name stated in VIES, a copy of your VAT registration certificate from HMRC or VAT group certificate (if applicable), and a copy of any relevant company incorporation documents that can evidence ownership.

Upload your valid VAT numbers to Seller Central here:{removed by Amazon}

You can sign up for VAT registration and filings with VAT Services on Amazon here: {removed by Amazon}

To learn more about VAT, please see our VAT resources page.
You can learn more about how the legislation might affect you by looking at the latest HMRC guidance.

Amazon Services Europe S.a.r.l.

Printing/saving complete thread

I have just received this email also but no notification on Amazon.
I have contacted Amazon via seller help so I wont do anything until they reply.


Trouble is Seller Support didn’t know the Category email was genuine, so I don’t trust their reply. Hopefully Jessica will come along and let us know.


I am thinking if it was real we would of had a notification on Amazon for sure. I have just checked my account and my Vat no is verified so I’m pretty sure this is a fake email .


I’ve just received this email too ?


me too. On phone to support now.


I’ve just checked in my account and and it says my VAT no is verified and it’s still showing in my seller profile too so now i’m really not sure?


our number is still verified AND still showing in the public profile.


Would a common theme here be that all these Vat numbers are registered to a different name to that entered with Amazon as the business name? As OP says - his Vat number was registered to him personally rather than in his Amazon business name. Is this applicable to everyone else reporting getting this email?


It’s definitely applicable to me. I received the email this morning and my registered name is different to my trading name. Still not sure if it’s a legitimate email but hopefully seller support can confirm.


Same here - will follow this closely along with everyone else. x


We got this this morning as well. The only weird thing was it went to an info@ email address that we don’t have linked onto this account anymore (that i can see!) and there’s no notification in seller central.
As it is, we have contacted seller support who said we weren’t the first people to ask this, this morning but they didn’t know anything for sure.

My accountant has already responded before I had a chance to stop them, so fingers crossed! ha


I do believe the email is genuine and it’s most likely an issue with sole traders only. Seller Support will look into it but who knows what they come back with.

Same as the OP, my wife’s name (who is the sole trader) AND the trading name registered on Amazon are showing on the VIES registration.

But the legal name held by Amazon may differ, I don’t even know where to check.

It will all come out in the wash, I just hope affected sellers don’t get suspended while they sort out the mess they have previously been happy with.


I have just pulled out my VAT certificate and it has both my name and my business name on it


I have had the email and my certificate has both names on also. Seller support have opened a case for me so I await a reply


yes mine has both my name and business too so am hoping Amazon are not going to expect us to start jumping through invisible hoops to prove something we shouldn’t need too?


I too hope that genuine sellers don’t suffer from this - HOWEVER isn’t it great that it means Amazon are checking registered Vat numbers for authenticity!!!


Also had this email, also a sole trader so following. I do think it is legitimate as the details they had for both my VAT reg and business name as shown in the business and contact information is correct.

I feel slightly better now you all have the same email, I had an immediate feeling of doom about verification when I saw it


Isn’t it appalling that, yet again, an important communication (I believe it’s genuine, the links belong to Amazon Legal Dept) is sent to us with spam characteristics:

a) Dear Seller
b) not showing in our official notifications

@Jessica - please pass on this concern to the powers of be on behalf of sellers


They’re not doing a good job though.