Invalid UK VAT Number email


Being a teenager, it also makes me very surprised to see a “grown up” man who loves to get likes on a social network. :sweat_smile:

But I don’t think that there is anything wrong with it, everyone has hobbies… :blush:


my original cases were in April but they closed them and said I had to reopen them when I received the invoices from Amazon :roll_eyes:


Has anyone had ther VAT payments refunded from the period the VAT numbers were removed yet?

My case is still showing as pending amazon action - and has been for weeks


Opened case 3rd May (after having the one opened rejected as others until the VAT invoice came though). Have not had anything official from amazon themselves since 22nd May. It’s pretty poor really.


nope nothing, except please bear with us :frowning:


I got told to be patient which I thought was a bit much tbh


yep me too!

Dear Seller,

I would like to inform you that we receive several refund requests and we have to attend all of them. Thus, please, I would like to kindly ask you to be a bit patience while we solve your case. I appreciate your patience and collaboration.

Thank you for your time and collaboration.

Should you have any other enquiry, please, feel free to contact us.

Have a nice day.

Thank you for selling with Amazon.


7 weeks since I opened my current case and once again I get the - please be patient response

anyone had any joy?


today marks 2 months since my case asking for my VAT to be refunded was opened and still no refund,

please someone tell me that they have had their refunds so I can at least hope it wont be too long until I receive mine


Still waiting and no reply to case I opened either


I can’t believe no one else has had theirs yet? What is Amazon playing at? :anguished:

Just out of interest, we were charged Luxembourg VAT, not UK, I wonder if that has any bearing on the refunds - or lack of?


Had this email just now:

Dear Seller,

Your EU VAT Refund request has been finalized and is now waiting for approvals by the Tax and Finance teams.

Once the payment has been processed we will send you the invoice(s) and credit note(s).

Thank you for your patience and your understanding.

Best Regards

Thank you for selling with Amazon.

So maybe the refunds are finally starting to happen!


I have still had nothing and the case I opened in early June is still pending a reply



“Your EU VAT Refund request has been finalized and is now waiting approvals by the Tax and Finance teams.”

I know a few of you have already received this notification. I’m wondering if any you have actually received your refund and how long did it take after receiving the above notification?

I won’t spend my refund just yet! :rofl:


we are a new seller on amazon UK Local
hope that we can learn with each other from this forum.


That’s the general idea !
Welcome ZHXT-EU :smiley:


Still not heard anything and my case has now been open for 7 weeks and have not had a reply just says pending Amazon action


Anyone still waiting? I was told it was just waiting for sign off about 5 weeks ago…


Still waiting here and no reply to my case for 7 weeks even though they said it was high priority

Very frustrating

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