Invalid UK VAT Number email


I thought it was overseas sellers they planned to target for VAT numbers, not UK sellers?


I got this email too, Mine was our VIES name is R M and out legal name is R and M and so theres a miss match. Ill hold of until someone its a true amazon email


Hi @Party2u1

Thanks for your post.

I have edited the post to remove your personal information and the links. The links provided are not genuine and should not be clicked on.

As an example this is a genuine Amazon link to the VAT registration section of Seller Central As you can see ‘go’ is not in the URL.

If you still have the e-mail received please forward it to

This help page may also be of help:

I am not aware of any correspondence like this being sent to sellers via Amazon but if I hear otherwise I will update the thread.
Any correspondence like this should be treated with caution. If your VAT number was removed you would be able to verify this via your account. You can use the link I provided or navigate to your account info page and clicking on the VAT/GST Registration Numbers section at the end of the page.

I hope this helps.


Previously another seller reported investigating and found that hundreds of Chinese sellers are all operating under one legitimate VAT registration number, based in one registered office in the UK.


Many thanks Jessica for your quick response.


You say the go in the URL is not genuine, yet previous emails from Amazon have had go in them for example

Important changes to Handling Time
Dear Seller,

To help you improve the experience of your custom by providing a more accurate delivery time, we are making important changes to the Handling Time settings of your non-Prime seller fulfilled products. Handling Time is the time you need to dispatch your order to the carrier, which directly impacts the delivery time shown to customers at checkout. Customers are more likely to purchase products that have a faster estimated delivery time at checkout, so we are making the following changes to your Handling Time settings to match your actual dispatch speed.

Starting from the 9th of October, the new default handling time for you will be 1 day: Our data shows that you are already dispatching within one business day. Sellers with your level of performance have frequently requested that we accurately reflect, and give credit for the high level of service. We have taken your feedback and with this change, we will start letting your customers see better delivery time on the website. Practically, this means that all new and existing products without a Handling Time set by you will be defaulted to 1 day. Since you are already dispatching within one business day, this should not require changes to your systems or operations.

Starting today, you can set your Handling Time to 1 day: In addition to the change above, you can start setting a one day Handling Time for your products. If you set a 1 day Handling Time, you will also need to ship within one business day. Previously, we added an additional one day buffer. This will no longer exist.

Handling Time entered in Seller Central* Previous Expected Dispatch Time* New Expected Dispatch Time* Effective Date
No value provided by you 1-2 days 1 day October 9th
1 day 1-2 days 1 day Today

*All times are in business days
How do I change Handling Time? You can change the Handling Time for your products via Seller Central’s Inventory page (one product at a time) or the Price & Quantity Excel file uploads (for bulk SKU updates). Click here to learn more.

Learn more about Handling Time setting changes by reviewing the FAQs ›

You can also improve your delivery time by modifying your Transit Time in the Shipping Settings.

We have sent you an update on changes impacting the Transit Time separately.
Amazon Seller Services Team

So was this not genuine too?


Let’s give her time to check it out but I strongly believe that on this occasion, she is incorrect and the email is genuine.

All links check out as belonging to Amazon Legal Dept.



These are URLs that I have not seen before and I wanted to be cautious.

I have just received confirmation that the e-mails are genuine.

Apologies for alarming anyone, I prefer to err on the side of caution in these situations



What I found very surprising is that even an Amazon employee (with probably superior privileges und knowledge) ist not able to tell, wether an Email sent by Amazon is genuine or not.
It’s really time for a centralized communications platform which should be the only method Amazon uses to contact sellers/vendors/customers.


I personally treat any Amazon emails as suspect unless I have an alert on my account and notification of any issues, that really should be the only way Amazon communicate account issues with sellers.


I guess that the systems that they’ve put in place to catch out the overseas cheats, are also flagging other issues that don’t fit with whatever the bot has been programmed to accept.

As a whole it’s not a bad thing, because if they’ve now got some method to catch out people/businesses that are cheating on their VAT, then it’s only right and proper that they apply said method to everyone and not just overseas registered sellers.


Slighly confused now, are you saying the VAT email is now genuine??


It would seem so, yes.



Yes, I have confirmation that the e-mail is indeed genuine.



Dear Left hand, this is Right hand… Oh, pleased to meet you, don’t think we’ve met :rofl:

EDIT: This is aimed at Amazon, not you Kitchen :wink:


I’ve just checked vies and it shows my Full name and Business Name under my VAT number. So they do match.

My VAT Status is still Verified and my VAT number is still showing.

Is this just a mass mailing or do we all have to do something?


If you have received the email, you should do what it says.

In my case, I think the issue is the VIES entry.

As a sole trader, the “official” way of writing the registered name is, for example, “Joe Bloggs t/as Bloggs Enterprises”. But VIES displays the “t/as” as 2 vertical lines.

Computer says no.


Check what is says in the Business and Contact Information in your Amazon account, Amazon have sent you the email as they are saying VIEs does not match this information exactly


Emma & Rugsy

Just checked, the Business & Contact Information just shows my company name.

The next question is Should i change it to Name t/a Company Name or Name // Company Name as shown in VIES.

If we change this, do we still send the documents requested to Amazon?

Amazon really need to clarify.


I think you’re best asking them.

Last thing I want to do is to give you bad advice.