Invalid UK VAT Number email


From what I’ve read HMRC are looking at all VAT registered businesses as those who reside outside the UK only account for 60% (ish) of VAT fraud, they are hoping to recover over £1B in lost revenue.

It does look as though HMRC will chase anyone with mismatched VAT information as many trade as Ltd companies but their accounts tell a different story to their online sales figures and revenue.

Sadly, many honest traders are getting caught up in the HMRC fishing net and there doesn’t seem to be any way out…


It’s probably a letter you write yourself on your letterhead (if you don’t have one, create one) authorising such and such name (you) to act on behalf of your company.

I know, crazy, but just another silly hoop to jump through.


This is all Amazon’s pisspoor implementation of the new law, nothing to do with hmrc. That’s my opinion anyway.


Amazon and eBay have no choice, its government driven and if they don’t comply they are liable.


You’re correct Harley, I know.

It’s the dot the i and cross the t that I’m questioning.


I really don’t understand why you’re defending Amazon here.

For a start, I’ve not heard of anyone having these problems with eBay and presumably the only reason HMRC are forcing Amazon to do this is because they’ve been facilitating tax evasion by foreign sellers for so long.

We can all accept that this process needs to happen, but the problem is the way they are managing it. They couldn’t have made it any more confusing if they’d tried and they’re offering absolutely no help or support to legitimate UK sellers who pay their taxes and have had their correct VAT number/business details registered with Amazon for years.

Please don’t make excuses for Amazon’s utter incompetence.


I’m not defending Amazon… They have no choice but to implement it.

As for not hearing anything happening on eBay, they have the same directive, however, it appears they have taken a different route to Amazon’s 30 day implementation. I suspect anyone with a VAT issue (UK or overseas) will see their account shut without warning (on the 15th) and it will be for the seller to sort it out directly with HMRC before it will be opened again. At least with Amazon you have had some warning.

As for making excuses… I haven’t but it seems as though you have some issues and have decided to vent your anger towards me. Please don’t as it is unfriendly and not in the best interest of the forum.


The key here is that the target is understandably non established taxable persons (NETPs) that are required to register as soon as they make a supply from the UK as they are not subject to the £85,000 threshold as the rest of us.

Amazon has decided that instead of reviewing just NETPs, it will look in to all sellers. There is nothing wrong with being a Ltd company and trading under another name… But the problem is that the NETPs are using VAT numbers attributable to other entities that they have no relation to.

So that is why we have all been hit. Understandably Amazon could’ve done this in a better way. But they have been ill prepared, and to meet the deadline set, they have got us all.

I have faith that those that are properly and honestly registered for VAT will not have an issue in the long run. There are of course some hurdles we will have to put up with for now and many of us are understandably annoyed and frustrated.

And I am not in the market where I am undercut by Chinese sellers etc, but once this is all sorted, you will be able to compete on a much more level playing field. To whom this applies, your profits will increase. These tax evading sellers will be removed, and maybe just finally, Amazon will start to care more about us UK sellers.

So yes, I do hope this short term nuisance leads to a brighter future for all of us.


I hope HMRC and Amazon are not just going for the “easy target” small UK traders, just to show they have made an effort to comply.


Wow - my Vat number finally changed to verified. How did Amazon know it’s my birthday today?


My VAT number is showing as verified as of this morning too.


Wow, mine too

Happy Birthday Shrew


Mine too, finally. It must be a mass update. They could have waited until Monday when it’s my turn for my birthday! :rofl: Happy birthday Shrew.

Now, let’s see how we can reclaim all the vat that was wrongly charged.

Although the easiest way is to add the Luxembourg invoices to the quarterly vat return (which is now due for me), I’m not sure that’s legal as others have said. I thing the correct way as I detailed earlier in post 369 is what I will do.

And we mustn’t forget that some of this month’s invoices will also be with and some without vat.


Yay! And mine too!

Thank you for looking, I’d given up checking!

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Yes…mine too…
Looks like Amazon are working overtime !!

If anyone hears if they are refunding overpayments …please share


Good luck to everyone



I opened a case in ‘VAT’ 3 days ago asking about being reimbursed the VAT I have been incorrectly charged and have not even had the normal ‘we are looking into this with urgency -blah blah’ response as yet


To be clear, my point was that Amazon’s unbelievably poor management of this process has nothing to do with HMRC and also that Amazon have contributed towards this being necessary in the first place by allegedly facilitating tax evasion by foreign sellers. It’s not unfriendly to make these points and I think you’re being oversensitive.


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Happy Birthday Rugsy

3 days ago I asked SS VAT team for an update re VAT repayment and had this response today. Have duly replied with the 937th copy of my VAT cert they have had this month so will keep you updated.

Dear Seller

Thank you for contacting Amazon Seller Support department. It is Javi and I will assist you your case.

I am glad to inform you that your VAT has been approved so your invoices should be corrected and your VAT refunded. In order to carry out the VAT refund please, I would like to kindly ask you to provide us with your VAT Certificate including these data:

  • VAT number
  • Effective date of registration
  • Legal name of company
  • Business address of company

I would like to remind you that the info in the VAT certificate should coincide with the data appearing in your Seller Central.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Should you have any other enquiry, please, feel free to contact us.

Have a nice day.

Thank you for selling with Amazon.

Javier Imanol P. Seller Support