Invalid UK VAT Number email


Thanks for the wishes Emma.

That’s encouraging re possible refund. I’ll do the same.


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We contacted SS re. VAT repayment. Got the following response:

Dear Seller,

Greetings from Amazon Seller Support.

Thank you for contacting seller support. Please be informed that, your query is being actively worked upon.

There is no further information/action required from your end. We shall get back to you shortly, should we have any further updates on same.

Have a pleasant day

Thank you for selling with Amazon.

Looks promising…


The same thing happened to me recently. Because your name will appear on the vat certificate first, Amazon will only see this as its on the first line. It is probably looking for your trading name. It took me about 3 weeks to get this sorted out with Amazon and explain to them it was in fact my number and all was correct. However, during this time I was charged an extra 2% for the amazon selling prices on each item sold. So my advice is to get it sorted out as soon as you can. I hope this is helpful to you and you can understand what I mean !


Am I the only one still showing as rejected? :unamused:


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It is quite natural for Amazon to check the VAT number belongs to the company who is trading on Amazon. I am aware that some traders use bogus trading names to the ones they have registered with the HMRC and even exsagerate the number of years they have been trading using that trading name.

We had an issue sometime back we spent £600 on some shelfving and the VAT number on the invoice did not match the trading name of the trader. This caused us a real headache for weeks and was finally resolved. Now when purchasing goods online having had this experience we always check the seller identity matches the VAT number and we do not buy from traders who do not show there trading credentials which they are legally obliged to do.


Nope, I am also still waiting.

Happy Birthday Rugsy


You are hang better luck than me, I am going around in circles trying to get a refund, they keep saying I have to wait for April invoices, NO I have have March invoices that are incorrect and they need rectifying and I need credited but it’s like talking to a brick wall


There will vat charged on part of the April invoices so maybe they are thinking to do 1 credit for all of them.


Ebay actually started putting VAT on their invoices from about August last year. So I think they won’t have a problem.

If there are foreign sellers falsely claiming then it must be down to HMRC to flush them out. If as a previous poster said there are hundreds using a single address it must be easy for HMRC to discover this.


Will be interesting to see what happens on the 15th, hopefully many will be removed.

I have noticed this morning there are loads on Amazon using a UK Vat number, with a UK trading address (on VIES) but their Amazon account shows a China address. Wondering if this is allowed as I thought they had to match?


And the saga continues…

Contacted SS regarding repayment of the VAT, received a reply asking to upload a copy of my VAT certificate. Copy was duly sent and I have just now received this:

Kind seller,

Thank you for providing us with the requested document.

Regarding your invoice request, I inform you that we are providing verification of your document. Once this verification has been completed we will be able to start the invoice issuing process and its VAT refund for the fees previously paid.

Please note that due to a large number of requests, it may take time to be completed. We will, however, try to get it as soon as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you for selling with Amazon.

So they are now verifying my VAT number - again!

Oh how I hope this doesn’t turn into another fiasco. :roll_eyes:


this is my response to requesting my VAT back

Dear Seller,

thank you for getting back to us.

I am deeply sorry but we will have to wait until the invoices from the month of April are issued.

We need to process the whole refund.

Please contact us as soon as you receive the April 2018 invoices.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards,

Thank you for selling with Amazon.


It’s almost as though they aren’t actual human beings. Completely clueless.


I think trained monkeys could probably do a better job.


I fell your pain Party2u1 , what’s the latest news?


Glad to see the use of a joined up approach as usual!

My latest email is as follows:

I appreciate your collaboration, we have received your document and we will carry out your refund.

Thank you for your time and attention.

…of course I haven’t actually seen this happen or been given a timescale for it happening but it is a step in the right direction.


No more news at the moment.

I guess they are still removing their socks to enable them to count more when they run out of fingers!


Well 12 days after emailing vat-number-appeals they replied, asking to “provide us your Amazon Legal Name in Seller Central”. I’m not entirely sure whether they’re asking me to tell them what’s in Seller Central or to enter something in Seller Central but I replied with my legal name.

(I also triggered verification by poking around in Seller Central trying to find what they were talking about, but luckily that only lasted a couple of hours and I even made a sale during verification which I didn’t think was possible.)