Invalid UK VAT Number email


It is real and for european account outside of UK we found a notification on our german channel easy to update


I had a similar email. However, the links were all showing. I went onto the link provided for VIES and noticed my business names were different to the one that Amazon have. I made the changes and as of 17th April I can provide VAT invoices and also give a breakdown of the nett value for business customers.

But to make sure give seller support an email to confirm.


For the period Amazon did not recognise my VAT number they charged vat on my seller fees. I know I can claim them back as I am VAT registered - where will I find the Amazon Fee invoices showing the VAT they took?

The ‘invoice’ they email has no seller fees from March 15th - the day they started charging me VAT.

The ‘Reports > Tax Documents Library’ shows the transactions but not the fees…

The ‘Reports > Payments > Search for a transaction’ does show the fees and tax on the fees…

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:


You should receive multiple invoices, some with vat and some without, depending on the dates.

But some of the ones where VAT has been charged will have Amazon’s UK VAT number which is not an issue if you are not on the flat rate scheme but some are with Amazon’s Luxembourg VAT number which you can only reclaim by applying via HMRC and jumping through hoops.

The official viewpoint that we and others have received is to wait for the April invoices to be sent to you in the first week of May and apply to Seller Support for a refund of VAT wrongly charged.


The registry address stays the same, but if you are using an Agent for VAT reporting and filing then you could use the address of your agent in UK.


Just to let you, and others know, seller support refuse to refund my VAT of circa. £1k from March - July 2017 as my seller account name differs from my VAT certificate. I have been trying to get it from the from over a year ago and this is their latest response:

_"We are not able to issue you the VAT refund requested. When requesting refund, our respective department will check your seller information as well as the VAT certificate, which is why all data entered must be correct. _

_At this moment the legal name on your VAT registration certificate does not match with the legal name on your Seller Central."

I have been in touch with Seller Verification various times and provided all docs - but they have still not been able to sort out for a whole year. I wonder what will happen with you guys in getting your credits - please let me know.


Does the legal name on your VAT registration certificate fully match the legal name on your Seller Central?

Or probably more correct for Amazon, does the Seller Central legal name fully match what is showing on VIES?


No. Isn’t this why many of us had an issue with our VAT numbers being rejected in the first place?


So if it doesn’t match, what are you doing to rectify the situation?

Not a problem to me but if you have an issue with updating your seller central to match VIES, you won’t get your refund and you will also be shortly suspended as a seller.

Or am I misunderstanding something?

With me, although it was petty and arguably incorrect, all I had to do was change Seller Central and all is now fine.


Now My uk vat number got Rejected. How can I fixed it? Amazon needs me Vat registration Certificate and My seller name to confirmed that I’ve owner of this UK Vat Numbers. So,We have the document that I got the HMRC Letter send by post telling me the Vat reference number. But I send mail to tell Amazon about this document. Amazon have had rejected of my document and told me this is not uk vat registration certificate. How can I got the Uk Vat Certificate? From Vat Agent or contact direct UK HMRC. Anyone guys have the link of contact website to get the Uk Vat Registration Certificate or a picture example of the Uk Vat Registered Certificated document. Please feel free to let me know.


If the VAT has been wrongly charged but Amazon don’t refund it, does that mean that Amazon just keep the VAT money?


Register as a foreign company on

Example of typical VAT certificate when printed online. Hard copies look different.


If Amazon has charged vat, they will have to declare this and pay HMRC, as for any transaction that has vat charged.

If they were to keep it, this would be very serious fraud.


Or would they be paying (or not paying, or only paying part of) it to Luxembourg?


If invoiced with GB vat number, as some invoices have been, they will pay to HMRC. If charged with LU vat number, they will pay to Luxembourg tax authority.


I’ve had a really odd one. I got the VAT verification like everyone last month. Sent it through and heard no more. The week before easter I got what turned out to be a leading question. ARE YOU A SOLE TRADER. I replied yes and gave my details. The following day I was suspended as my legal entity was incorrect.

It appears some 15 years ago I ticked the wrong box. I’ll swear there were only 3 choices back then instead of the 5 today. However I did get back on.

As a side note I was also being asked daily to tick the illegal goods policy which I submitted however they failed to accept 7 times in a row. Suspension seems to have made this go away.

Yet last night back came the VAT two email in eight minutes saying my number was not valid. I have no idea if this was a result of submitting the VAT REG form or if suspension kicked the whole thing off again.

What a mess. So now I’m wondering should I change my name to match that on VIES which as others have said is my full name followed by the business name appearing on the same line or what? My fear is is being suspended a second time. We have sold our soles to Amazon…



If your VAT number is showing as rejected, I believe you need to change the legal name to match VIES completely.

There could of course be other issues, eg address not exactly the same, which way the wind is blowing etc.


I’m not sure about what other people had to do but I didn’t change my name to match VIES. (My name + trading name)

I just uploaded my VAT Cert showing my trading name and that was enough for it to be verified, it did take a very long time though


That’s really good to hear. This is what we all did before and all of a sudden, computer said no.

Hopefully yours will remain approved. If it gets rejected at some point, you know what you have to do.


Anyone had the VAT, charged during this fiasco, reimbursed yet?

We can’t claim it from HMRC as Amazon used their LU vat code on our payment, so we have to claim it back from Amazon. I have sent numerous requests, but heard absolutely nothing regarding a VAT reimbursement. I even waited until the April statement was issued.