Invalid UK VAT Number email


No, not yet. My guess is that there will be a mass refund at the end of the month.


yet again today I had the same cut and paste I got last week, even though I replied and telephoned asking them to read my case properly and even gave them the previous case no that said I was to open a new one when I got my invoices for a refund,

they keep telling me to provide my VAT certificate for verification, which I’ve done and am verified again hence why I want my VAT taken incorrectly refunding.


Anyone managed to get a refund yet?


No, nothing. Still waiting for a reply regarding a refund.


I got fed up waiting so chased the reply yesterday. Today I received back the following which if it’s needed that much, should have been asked on day 1 of my case. It is so far removed from where Amazon, one the world’s best ecommerce sites should be. If you are still waiting for your refund and have raised a case and sent in your invoices, I suggest you send them a reminder.

Dear Seller,

thank you for contacting Amazon Seller Support.

You could be eligible for a VAT reimbursement and, as a consequence, the amendment of invoices.

To determine the start date of the refund, please send us scan of your VAT registration document. You will be also able to get it by accessing your account on HM Revenue & Customs on the link

Maybe you have already sent us a document with your company’s information, despite of this, since we are dealing with confidential information, we can’t share these data among different departments.

The VAT Certificate should contain the following information:

  • VAT number
  • Effective date of registration
  • Legal name of company
  • Business address of company

Please bear in mind that information in VAT Certificate should match those inserted in your Amazon account.

Waiting for your reply,

Kind regards

Thank you for selling with Amazon.


I sent all that information to seller support when I opened the case about VAT refund: copy of VAT cert, copy of March and Aprils invoices showing the VAT charged.

I have chased them 5 times, but still have not received a reply.

I can only think they are so busy sorting out everyones VAT refunds, they are unable to spare time to respond. :thinking:


yep I got the same response a week ago


I opened a case 20 days ago and nobody reply until now.


Still nothing 24 days since I opened the case


i went through that a few months back. Took me ages to resolve it.


I got this today

Dear Seller,

We have received your request and we are working on your case, please be aware that this kind of procedure might require a certain amount of time since it is a multi-layer process.

I will inform you as soon as we have more updates about the process

Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for selling with Amazon.

I’m not quite sure how it is multi layer? it wasn’t multi layer when they took the VAT incorrectly, they have invoiced me, they just need to credit the invoices surely?


Pitiful, isn’t it?

They need many layers to cover up their incompetence.


I have the same - circular “please wait” emails. Amazon support couldn’t order a round of drinks in a pub.


I received an email yesterday saying it could take up to 90 days for my refund to be processed


Not sure if this is the beginning of the refunds but I’ve have just received an invoice (yes, invoice) with just one line, a £3.02 credit for “Refunded Fees”, email entitled "Your Seller Fees VAT Invoice for 5/2018).

Not been able to match it with any other vat wrongly charged but let’s hope.

£1093.01 to go


But has the credit gone into your account?


I’m not overly confident this relates to the VAT issue as I just received another email entitled "Your Seller Fees VAT Invoice for 5/2018) which has the expected massive bill.

It would seem that the earlier invoice/credit I received relates to a refunded transaction on the 4th May that was missed off by mistake from the full monthly invoice.

I don’t think we’re any further regarding the vat issue. :frowning:


it’s ridiculous isn’t it :frowning:


It doesn’t end there.

I’ve this very minute received yet another email entitled “Your Seller Fees VAT Invoice for 5/2018” with an invoice of a £1.94 credit, WHICH INCLUDES 20% VAT from LUXEMBURG (:cry:) , for a refund on the 16th May, missed off the main invoice.

What the hell is going on?



they really are taking the poo

I’ve not looked at my invoices - trying to put it off