Inventory doesnt get updated in listing


I have edited my inventory, but the information does not show up in the listing.


Sometimes it takes a while to update (can be up to an hour). If after that time it’s still not updated it suggests that changes have not been automatically accepted. You’d therefore need to open a case with seller support and provide proof of the legitimacy of your changes - usually by referencing the manufacturer’s website.


Thanks. I have waited days, so I must have done something wrong.
Its my own book, which i have published myself.
Also the tab ‘more details’ in the ‘edit’ inventory looks different from the one in some 2020 videos i have seen. So not sure whether i have ticked a wrong box somewhere. Bizarre…


I think you need to explain a little more as to exactly what it is you mean?
From you wrote, it could be either you have amended the quantity of the listing or that you have edited the listing itself.
If you have amended the quantity, then it should show pretty much within 15 minutes or so.
If you have edited the listing, then you need to give it 24 hours and if it doesn’t update, you will need to contact support.


I have edited price, quantity etc (a few days ago) and it doesnt show up on the listing, which has said ‘currently unavailable’ since the listing was created weeks ago (automatically via ISBN number i think).
It is like I havent been able to link my seller profile to the book listing. Do you know whether there is an email one could write to? or online chat?


Are you sure that you are completely through verification? Is the listing showing in your active inventory or inactive? Make sure you haven’t set a start date in the future?


Yes verification is ok. Listing is active and start date not in the future…


Try Help Determine why a listing is not displaying
It might be worth doing screenshots of the amazon page sowing it unavailable and of it showing as active in your inventory so that they fully understand the issue


Thanks. I have tried ‘help’ and then got this message:
‘Your listings ASIN is not assigned to a product category’.
And it then said underneath that i should assign it in the ‘edit’ function in the inventory. However i cant find a place in the inventory where i can change the product category.

I tried to find the product category soemwhere else and then changed it, but Amazon then came back and said that the original product category was fine already…

The tab ‘more details’ includes all sorts of options related to music cds/dvds etc but not to books…so i am wondering whether this tab is different according to which category your item belongs…if that makes sense?


How does one send screenshots? is there an option somewhere to attach them?


Thanks for your help Isabella. I have now found a way of sending some screenshots to the support department, so i will see how that goes.