Inventory incorrectly moved to Expired even after seller support confirmed not expired and now disposed


Hi All,

Earlier this month I received an email saying a large quantity of one my SKUs was expired. I knew this was not possible as the product had over a years shelf life. So contacted Seller Support they investigated the stock and confirmed it was December 2023 dated and inventory would move back to sellable along with images of my inventory showing December 2023. Thought this would take some time to filter through the system waited a few days nothing happens. Then all of a sudden half the inventory is being disposed! Contact Seller Support to flag this they say not to worry its pending no action will be taken meanwhile I’m losing sales with rest of my inventory still marked as expired.

I chased them again and they’ve done another date investigation only to come back with images of another sellers inventory saying the item in the images is mine and expiry date is now July 2023 even though you can see FNSKU is different from mine. Meanwhile the inventory that was pending for disposal even though I cancelled it was disposed £500 in a skip somewhere.

I’ve responded back with screenshots proving they have looked at the incorrect inventory and now getting nowhere. Anyone have any suggestions as it looks like I’ve lost £1K down the FBA Blackhole.


Hello Odedra30!

Could you please provide me with the case ID you opened with Seller Support?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Maja,

Thank you for the response case number is 8375151932.


Thanks Odedra30! I have checked your case and I will send you a private message, please check your inbox :slight_smile:


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