Inventory lost at the warehouse, they won`t refund me


Hi there,

-On the 2nd of February, I sent 10 boxes to the Amazon Fulfillment Centre in Rugby, BHX5, containing 60 units.

-Nothing till the 5th of March. On that day, they manage to find 16 Units of the 60 I sent.
I start to complain, because of the loss of earnings and the time they are making me lose, but they are not able to investigate, because it hasn`t been 45 days yet, of course!

-The 17th of March they finally open an investigation and confirm that they have received only 16 units.
Fortunately, I have proof of delivery, stamped by Amazon, that confirms everything I say. I even sent them the purchase invoice, but they just say that they have counted more than once and the stuff is not there.

Obviously, a staff member has decided to type in that only 16 units were received and because of it, I`m losing several thousands of pounds.

What do I do? I don’t want to speak to seller support about this anymore as they just copy and paste replies back, like brainless machines, saying they have counted just 16.

Any help would be great.


There is not a lot you can do until it is open for investigation.

I am assuming the shipment is still open. During this time it may still be found and added in or the shipment will be closed with the shortage.

Only at this point will you then be able to open an investigation. You will asked to supply proof of delivery and invoices of the purchased stock. They will then attempt to find it again or will refund you for the stock that is missing upon receiving satisfactory evidence.


Unfortunately, the shipment status is “Closed” already.
Just like the investigation I opened 2 days ago.

I have the feeling they are not even looking at the attachments I sent (without being asked) to them.


Just to clarify, does the case show as resolved and investigation complete? Usually if they cannot find it but you have proven delivery then you should be remibursed for the stock. The chances of them finding it is pretty low, you need to concentrate on the refund of goods at this point.


Yes, case is resolved and investigation is complete and closed, for them.
Yes, thats exactly what I want,a refund for the units they manage to lose, but their answer is that they havent lost anything, they are sure they received just 16 units, they dont seem to care about (or cant be bothered to look at) the proof of delivery and invoice I have provided.


You can only speak to seller support about this but it has to be done through email. I never call them anymore, even if you find someone with sense, it will be relayed to a bot with senseless responses.

Remember when you receive a response, it is usually repeated when you have not given them something specific that ticks the box to get you through to the next stage. Post a copy of your latest case response (take out anything identifiable to you or to the specifics of the case) and perhaps suggest another course for response. I assume you have uploaded invoices that cover the units sent and a copy of the proof of delivery.


Did you use a partner carrier or your own carrier and are the weights and measures of the delivery consistent with the number of units sent in?

You really have to lay out your case constructively leaving no stone unturned and give everything that is being asked for along with explanations and even screenshots to support your case.

If after all of this you are not able to get anywhere then I would send an email the managing director who will request a member of the executive to look at it.

I must stress this will be the final resort because if you request the managing director too early and your case is still open or you have not supplied some required information, it will fail and you will be bounced back to the case by them saying it is still open and not to contact until seller support has been exhausted.


Thats the answer I keep get from them, doesnt matter what I say or what I sent.

" Amazon

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I am Mudit, and I will be happy to assist you today.

I understand your query regarding shipment FBA15GMLGPVS.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. I know how important this is for your business but rest-assured I will surely look into your issue.

Your time is highly valuable to us and your cooperation really helps us to perform even better.

Please note, I have thoroughly read your email, and have investigated your issue. I would like to inform you the following:

Kindly note, when receiving items in the FC, we physically count units being received.

If we find quantity discrepancies between what we received and what was expected per the shipment details, we initiate a second physical check to re-count the units received.

Items are marked “Investigation Completed – shipment contents counted and confirmed” in Seller Central when we have completed the second physical check, and the quantity discrepancy still exists.

In response to your request, we have completed a further review. This review confirmed that we have no record of receiving the units in question, therefore no reimbursement for these units will be issued.

I apologize again for the inconvenience caused to you.

I appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this case. Have a great day.

Please let us know how we did.

Were you satisfied with the support provided?"

I sent proof of delivery and Invoice 3 or 4 times already, but they seem to care about that.


How do I contact the managing director?



Did you use the partner carrier program for the shipment or your own.

What makes this difficult is that they are not saying they haven’t received your delivery, they have but a disputing what has been received so now you have to prove what has been delivered. It is possible that whoever was delivering the products may not have supplied it all and your query could be with the carrier.

Are you sure that it hasn’t been delivered short? Reading what I have read so far and your case I am not convinced that the carrier has dropped in all the units you have sent. (just playing devil’s advocate) and this is what Amazon will have considered so you need to rule it out.

This is where the delivery note and proof of delivery is important. You are claiming to have sent in X units and upon receipt they have counted Y units. You now need to get the stamped proof of receipt containing the weight of the individual items that should match the weight of the units you have sent in along with box quantities etc. Your focus is to prove that Amazon have accepted all of the units you claim to have sent.


The supplier I bought the goods from uses his own truck.
I worked with them for a long time and they are serious and very precise, for what is worth.

The carrier provided me with the POD, stamped by Amazon, and is written the number of cases delivered, which is 10, and each case contains 6 units. This and the Invoice is all I have.


ok, so this is now your focus.

You need to answer the case log and state that you appreciate that only 16 units have been checked in and you accept this. However you need to then tell Amazon that you sent 60 units and the delivery note is showing that you have accepted 60 units into your warehouse. (10 boxes with 6 in each). If you are not able to rectify this then please refer this to leadership.

I think I can guess what they have done is that they have recorded 10 boxes of 6 units as 16 units probably 10 plus 6 instead of 10x6. unfortunately common sense does not prevail here and I could be wrong so suggesting this to them will probably complicate it.


I really appreciate your help, thanks.

I’ll do as you suggested, but I`m quite sure that the brainless customer service people will copy and paste their previous answers.

So, that`s how I contact the managing director, just ask them for it?


You can email

Be very short particular and ensure you address the facts.

It will be passed to a member of the executive team who will in all honestly gloss over it so make sure your points are punchy and you are at the end of the road with seller support. They will not assist you with an ongoing case.


Thank you again.


i have to say that i dont use fba for this reason. but trusting them with thousands of pounds of stock is sheer stupidity,


Insulting fellow sellers is not nice. Very rude actually. But you’re entitled to your opinion.


this is one reason that we send little and often i would never send a huge amount in one go


Okay, you are amazing and I`m stupid. Now you can go back to Instagram, they love this kind of comment over there


I must be stupid, I have been doing FBA for years and Amazon hold a considerable stock value for me. It is how I make a living. FBA is good and I personally think the OP will resolve this.