Inventory only for Multichannel


I want to use amazon Multi-Channel for the product sold on my website. I do not know how to create a inventory catalogue that does not show up in amazon.

The product I create is also visible in amazon for selling, I do not want this to happen.


If it’s your own product you could do the following:

  • List the item with no photo so it’s suppressed from having a product page
  • Ensure the product cannot be sold by having a pricing error (e.g. set price to £100, but maximum price to £10). This is to prevent the listing become active if someone else adds a product image.
  • Send inventory to FBA to use as MCF.

This is not a good idea though, because it’ll strongly impact your IPI rating. It would be best to either sell it through Amazon as well, or find another fulfilment service.


Does that mean, though amazon offer Multichannel fulfillment. There is no option to avoid a product being listed in amazon.

Amazon description on Multi channel gives a impression its for business who needs fulfilment service only.


It needs some form of listing to allow it to be tracked in the FC. It can’t just have an FNSKU alone, it needs to be linked to an ASIN which means it has an entry on Amazon’s catalogue.

You can prevent the ASIN from displaying on the Amazon website by following the steps I provided above. As also explained above it’s not a good idea to have an MCF only listing.


Thanks. Do you have recommendation for fulfilment service provider in UK & Europe. So I can move those product which I don’t want to sell in Amazon.

Most of my product I am listing in both place. At least few I don’t want to sell in Amazon as its for specific people only.


I don’t think Amazon would be too happy if I recommended companies that compete with their MCF service. The only tip I’ve got is to try looking for ones that don’t charge for storage by the pallet :slight_smile:


:smile: Make Sense, thanks Barry.

Where do I sent maximum price, I don’t see this field related to Product.


Display the maximum and minimum pricing columns first using the preferences button, then set the prices: