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We have been selling on Amazon for around 12 months, we ship quite bulky items with the FBA program, and so we get a lot of missing / damaged / defective items
I have recently run the ‘inventory reconciliation report’ on there for the whole time we have been using amazon.
For 1 particular SKU we have the below:
Beginning units - 0
Total units in - 9734
Total units out - 8788
Ending Quantity - 997

However, when we go to our available stock on FBA, we only have:
Available - 208
Reserved - 188

This is a difference of 601 units that we are supposed to have on stock, but we don’t
How are we supposed to approach this with amazon

Thanks for the help!!!


Have you looked at each individual shipment to check the quantities received on each one ?


Thanks for the quick reply
No we haven’t, do we have to check each one?
Is there a report to save some time?
We ship mostly pallets and bulk boxes, so for example if we ship 6 pallets (60 units per pallet), amazon should receive 360 units, but if they receive 354 units, this is where these unaccounted units are building up?
I guess we will need delivery notes etc, as we deliver these on our own lorries
Thank you


Yes you should have been checking each shipment as it processes through from delivery to possible reconciliation

Go to inventory, manage fba shipments and you can see a column with shipped quantities vs received quantities

You should’ve been able to reconcile any discrepancies but I don’t know how long you have


Thank you for the help
However when I look at the inventory reconciliation report again, it shows the units as ‘received units’
So the discrepancies of the inbound units going missing are on top of the units that I am looking at?

Ie, the report shows we have 610 units that are unaccounted for, but the ‘total units in’ column contains the units that were actually ‘received’ by amazon (even though they might not be fully receiving the units)


So the ending quantity shows 997 units, but we only have 396 units available
Have amazon lost these when they are moving the goods around or something?


Have you checked the sku in inventory to see if they are in reserved or processing ?


For that particular SKU we have

Available - 208

Customer orders - 51
FC transfer - 1
FC processing - 136
Total - 188

This gives us a combined total of available + reserved of = 396 units

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