Invitation to give us feedback in a quick survey


Hello Sellers,

At the request of the Seller Support team, please click the following link to complete a 5-minute survey:

Feel free to discuss the survey here. The survey will close on July 14.


Siete soddisfatti dell'assistenza ai venditori?
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Interesting - finally maybe getting the message that Seller Support often isn’t a lot of support and more accurate and helpful advice is gained from here, the forum, which really should not be the case. Seller Support associates are paid to do their job, we sellers here are not, yet more often than not give out far better and more accurate advice.


Completed, but don’t think any action will be taken


Done, I can only hope that you actually listen to the sellers for a change!


Yes, I have done it.
Several of the questions are along similar lines to the last lot of Seller Polls that have been churned out over the past few weeks.
Maybe they are beginning to realise how disgruntled the vast majority of sellers are with the lack of credible support - far too dependent on the forum for the correct and useful help and advice.


always get an answer back that is totally irrelevant to what you have asked very frustrating


This. Associates (or, more likely, AI bots) respond to trigger words rather than actually attempting to understand the query.


I like the closing statement …honest answers will be used to improve your seller support

I would add that Jessica and her colleagues are one of the better forms of seller support.


Problem is - Jessica isn’t even seller support (I don’t think), she’s a forum moderator.




Done but i fear it was a wasted 5 mins.


They just need to read the endless problems described on here, the forum, for honest comments.


I filled it in but I’m not hopeful it will make any difference.

The questions seem very loaded.
I get the impression Amazon are looking for excuses to either fully automate SC or dump everything on the forums.

There were no options in the survey that addressed my central problem with support.

I only go there for things that I need to go there for.
EG, getting incorrect images or other product details removed and or updated.

IE, things I cannot do without assistance from Amazon itself.

This is a mostly painful experience.

For example, I’ve been attempting to get them to remove all those ‘nog geen’ placeholder images that suddenly appeared on numerous CDs.

Nog geen afbeelding beschikbaar

Removing/replacing should be an easy task as they are obviously bogus but trying to get through to SS is far from straightforward.

No wonder the catalogue is in such a mess when it’s such an uphill task to get even the most obvious errors corrected…


Think I will give it a miss, as I no longer need any support from SS for selling issues, having been selling on Amazon from 2004 I have finally today deleted all my listings/inventory…and will focus on the other sites that actually want and support sellers.

Jessica, Thank you for your past help and support which has always been appreciated and my best wishes for the future.


The end of an era, what a sad thing to have to say.:sob:
Wishing you the very best PP on your new ventures and hoping you do well on the other sites.
Also hoping that you will still stay and share your expert advice and experience on the forum.
Good luck and take care
Tracey x


Sorry to hear that PP, your input on the forums will be missed.

Amazon is certainly not heading in the direction I hoped.

A site with an unhelpful or (to be polite) eccentric search engine and a BMVD catalogue dominated by price-gouging dropshippers is not the same place I originally joined.


Wishing you all the best PP. Take care :slight_smile:


Hi Jessica - you asked us to discuss the survey here, and I realise the survey was specifically about feedback relating to Seller Support, BUT maybe you could pass on to any relevant teams the consternation we all have about the re-formatted Seller Homepage…
There is a long thread and not a single comment has anything positive to say, in fact is all very negative feedback on the new layout.
Understand you cannot do anything to change things, but even if you can pass our concerns on, or even ask the relevant team to read the thread, as we all feel our voices are not heard or listened to.


Done and dusted. I hope some of our feedback will be taken on board by the Management team. I’m dealing with a simple issue of moving a unit transferred by Amazon by mistake to another EU marketplace and still had no luck with it. All I am getting are the usual automated replies with no resolution to my problem. Our voice needs to be HEARD and Seller Support experience improved by providing proper training to its employees and becoming more human rather than automated.