Invitation to give us feedback in a quick survey


What I take from that is they are thinking of getting rid of the chat facility.


Times change, mademoiselle. Sometimes for the better… and for the worse. C’est la vie, you adapt (in this instance, either by putting your eggs in other baskets, not in just one, or by finding other solutions, eg other jobs/source of income) or you leave and find something else to devote yourself to (note that the “you” I’m using is meant as referring to people in general, I’m not referring to you in particular).

My only hope (even if I don’t trust this marketplace anymore) for now is that, after this 5-minute survey (done that already a few days ago) they will finally realize the need to change the way their Support handles 3PS’ queries, because if they still think that they can direct newbie sellers here so that the long-term ones will solve the queries instead of solving those themselves…then they’re very much wrong.

Looking forward to seeing what will be going on next.

Take care, guys (and gals, of course).


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Hi all,

I would like to say thank you to everyone that participated in the survey. The results have been provided to me in a graph format, that I have added below. The results are a combined total across all the marketplaces surveyed.

Phone support was preferred by 30.5%. After that, Chat and Email came in at 16.84% and 15.33%, respectively. Seller University and Seller Central Search both came in at 12.29%.

Thanks again,

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