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Hello Sellers,

At the request of the Global Listings team, please click the following link to complete a 5-minute survey on global listings features:

Feel free to discuss the survey here. The survey will close on August.14.


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Hello Jessica,
This is nothing to do with the survey but I see a chance to contact you direct. I want to know whether you are in a position to assist Marketplace sellers make our feeling known to Amazon management. There is an awful lot of discontent on these forums about many aspects of selling. The appalling state of the catalogue (duplications which should never have been created but are deliberately designed by rogue sellers to confuse, they invariably quote ludicrous years of publication), and also the many changes to the look of the home page/the listings pages etc. It seems these changes, all in the name of ‘improving customer experience’ are brought in without any consultation and are merely foisted on us. I do wonder if Management ever read these forums because if they did, they would probably see some very helpful suggestions by sellers.
Can you help in any way?


Well said.

I’ve just this week written a letter to Doug Gurr about two issues. One where Amazon have blatantly broken the law, and the other regarding the unethical Digital Services tax which they are now foisting on to us.

Amazon constantly crow about how much they value their Market Place Sellers, but their actions prove otherwise.



Thanks for your post.

If I am unable to change something or advise of a path forward for a seller or sellers I will not comment as it will not add any value and more often than not will add to the frustration.
While you may not see me commenting on topics I do read what is being posted and pass the information on to various teams to be reviewed.
Many of the teams that work on different parts of the site and systems view the forums themselves too. In addition to this the feedback sellers leave is also reviewed; for example on the flip side of the cards on the seller central homepage the feedback is reviewed by the team that have implemented the changes.



hi Jessica

thanks for your reply.

why do we never see anything change then, only for the worse? especially the A-Z teams and the ones dealing with blatant fraud. it’s really frustrating selling on the worlds ‘biggest’ platform.

lets hope more ‘teams’ actually start interacting with us so it’s not just posting into the void!



Thanks for your input, Jessica.
I think the real frustration is that many of us DO comment on the flip-side of the boxes on the seller homepage and on the many threads on here about all the recent new innovations and changes, but feel that no-one bothers to read or take note of any constructive criticism as nothing changes as a result of the comments. We just feel that someone has decided to redesign something that was perfectly OK without any input from the users, and that it is a done deal.

I really cannot recall a single positive comment about the new seller homepage which is totally not user-friendly, or have at our fingertips the data/information we need regularly throughout the day.
The whole page is a backward step and nothing about it is an improvement for those of us who use it.

Also, the new way of displaying offers on the listing page is not an improvement either, yet there is no feedback tab on that page, that we can see.
Sorry, could say more, but do not want to derail the thread.


we have written 2 letters and dozens of emails, NEVER a reply! we all know Doug gurr will never read them or most likely even care!


I was under the impression that they never read the feedback or the forums. They certainly made it clear they weren’t interested in any input from us… remember the very short-lived ‘Eureka board’.

If what Jessica says is true, then it’s even more depressing to think that they do read it and then deliberately ignore it and even do the opposite.


Have you had any response from Doug Gurr. I sent an email on Sunday and despite a reminder have had no word, not even an acknowledgement.


He left Amazon, I believe in June.
Makes no difference as no reply was ever got from him as far as I know.


Amazon has been working very hard to try and remedy especially this point - but by trying different solutions, much worse problems have been created than this one, IMO.
It’s a very difficult problem which will not get solved overnight or easily, even while Amaon are aware of it and working hard on it for a long time now.

I’m just scared that eventually, as another possible solution against this, they might reverse the platform to how it was before: sellers not being able to create a new page when none exists - and that would be dreadful, much worse than now. So BE careful what you wish & feedback & complain about!


Really ?! - I have requested merges (for books) with their new DIY merge tool, but not one has gone through as they say that all attributes must match for them to be able to merge, but they never will as the rogue duplicators input wrong publications dates (I believe to get round the listing requirement for an ISBN, so looked like a different book).
How hard would it be to weed out the ones with dates such as 1600, 1705 etc., but no, there are still multiple duplicates.


Amazon has been working very hard to try and remedy especially this point

Amaon are aware of it and working hard on it for a long time now.

How do you know this? what evidence do you have? As JillyB has said in another thread, I do not understand how they have allowed duplicate listings with preposterous years of publication and brackets in the title which don’t need to be there to be created.


Hi all,

This thread is now being closed.

Thank you to those that have participated in the survey.


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