Invoice for Professional Seller fee


I recently upgraded to the Professional Seller plan for which we pay a monthly fee. My accountant is asking for the invoice for this monthly fee, but I can’t seem to find one anywhere.

Could someone please advise where i might be able to find the invoice.

Many thanks



You don’t actually receive an Invoice for it. What happens is that on the same date every month £25.00 (if you are V.A.T. registered and have provided Amazon with your VAT number) or £28.75 (if not VAT registered) is simply deducted from the balance in your account.

You can download the report which details this if this is what is required. You will find it under your Reports tab.




Your accountant needs to deal with it as you would a monthly subscription, never considered needing an invoice, but then I never used an accountant, you could print off the payments summary once a month if he needs evidence?


We get sent monthly summaries of amazon fees by email. Shows on there under amazon fees for the date it is taken.


Yet another difference in what Amazon do for different accounts. All I get is an email telling me my disbursement is on its way.




Hi Graeme

As others have said, Amazon do not provide an invoice for this, they just show it in the disbursement reports.

But in your Seller Account, if you go to Reports > Payments > Transaction View

Select “Service Fees” in the Filter by view type box
Click Custom Date Range and start, say, from the beginning of this tax year

It will show the monthly subscription fees you have paid Amazon in that time period and you can then download this and give it to your accountant. Should be enough for any “bean-counter” :slight_smile:


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