Invoice is not been attached with my order despite success Response From AWS MWS submit feed api with feed type : UPLOAD_VAT_INVOICE


I want to automate the process of invoice upload for My amazon bussiness account. For this purpose i used Amazon MWS submit feed api to submit my invoice. on Invoice upload Call execution i got the FeedSubmissionId => 375418018915 With FeedProcessingStatus=SUBMITED . and when i recheck FeedSubmissionID via Api its showing with FeedProcessingStatus => DONE That means invoice should get attach with the order id that i provided in metadata of the api call but When i open the order via sellercentral Interfact of Amazon Invoice is not showing against my specific order.
As their is no error code returns from api response as well so i dont know what to do next.
For Reference OF AWS Team: My Order id for which i am trying to upload Invoice is => 402-xxxxxxx-8941126
Feed Submittion Id That is receive in api call response is => 375418018915

We followed this guide:



When you go into the order does it still say upload invoice or manage invoice ?


That’s correct.

It shows submitted / done , but when I go to the order it still shows the upload invoice button, and it doesn’t show any invoice.
I tested by changing the order id to something random and it still shows submitted / done.
Is there any place or way where I can see a log of all my API calls and results so we can debug?

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