Invoice Missing?


This is the free invoice generator I used, v. simple and you just change the currency to £.


Thanks very much Jilly. I don’t mind using that for the odd one, I wouldn’t have to do many anyway because I’ve never seen an address, business or otherwise, listed as a business in my Amazon orders.
I thought that it (invoice app) had to link in with Amazon, but it’s completely separate. This may make it a bit awkward and less automated, but I won’t get many to do anyway even if my sales were a lot more than they are.


If it is a business customer it is clearly stated as such on the order - I had one last week from a school and it was my first since this new thing.
The invoice template I used was easy to upload and link in with Amazon.


Good, thanks. Did they always label business addresses that way or is that a new thing too?


We have automated this process in-house now. We are NOT VAT registered and we found that making the invoices and uploading them, depending upon various factors, was taking anything from 5 to 10 minutes per invoice. Coupled with the demand from AMZ to start being proactive about it, as well as many requests for invoices from FBA clients, I started to realise that doing it via automation was the only way forward.

Our software logs into our account (single sign in across Europe), simply by pressing 1 of 2 buttons…1 for FBA orders and 1 for MFN orders…and then it finds any order which reports that an invoice hasn’t been uploaded dating back 30/90/180 days and then makes and uploads the invoice keeping a copy locally. As the AMZ invoice upload feature hasn’t been around for 180 days yet, it will automatically just make invoices for whatever is outstanding in the account if you set it to clear everything upto 180 days.

I can “manually” make invoices also…well, what I do is paste the order number in, then it collects the data and makes an invoice, I then press my save as PDF button, and then press Upload and that is pretty much all I have to do manually.

It takes around 1 minute or so, depending upon connection and CPU/Memory etc, around 1 minute per invoice.

I uploaded 200 ish invoices in a couple of hours and then tested it again on a colleague’s account who had 300 ish to upload.
The software works for VAT and NON-VAT registered vendors, it simply just brings down what is in the sales order in that regard.

I am wondering if there is a need for it at large, maybe or is it something that the majority of you have now found your own solution for? As AMZ charge £400 per territory each, for their VAT service (For which you must be VAT registered), I am wondering if anyone would pay a reasonable fee for it?

Now that we have had to register for AMZ DE VAT regulations, I am writing an automation to report the DE (and no doubt all others) VAT figures too, for each country etc as a module to our software.

Not touting nor bragging, just wondering if I should consider making it available to the AMZ community?

All the best, take care.



I imagine there could well be a requirement for it.

Just a note, Amazon VAT calculation service (invoice generation) is currently free to any VAT registered seller. It is just the VAT services (VAT registration and filing) that is £400/country.

Also, have you factored/does your software factor sequential invoicing for VAT? All VAT invoices must be sequential - you are not permitted to skip numbers.


From my position as NON VAT registered, I attacked my own position 1st. Thus, all the invoices I upload are numbered with the same number as the AMZ order reference.

With regard to VAT invoicing…I could do that, it would need simply a button in the interface saying “I am/am not VAT registered” and it would perhaps then choose to use a sequence directed by the user OR use the AMZ order ref, whichever they prefer.

Thank you for your information, I was oblivious to that stipulation for sure.

All the best,



PS: I understand, but maybe I am wrong, that the AMZ VAT calculation service is free, per platform, for a 12 months period only to VAT registered seller…is that correct? Thereinafetr, it is £400 per annum?


No, VAT calculation (invoicing) is currently free with no stipulation on timescale.

VAT services is the one with the First Year Free then £400/location fee.


Thanks Peter, that’s clarified it for me. I have the 2 confused then…reporting VAT to the EU AMZ host country tax services comes under that £400 per annum, per platform, charge and thanks yet again for helping me make the distinction, clearly.

I will adapt my software for when I am VAT registered and have the invoice numbering consecutive and will have to ensure it reports/calculates the taxes due unto each variation of the AMZ host country, in the meantime.



Hello, thank you for information, i have got 500 invoices not uploaded, I am not good at it so I had to stop selling products, since numbers are increasing every minute.
Please advise easy way out and let us know as soon as you get reply from them.


As I understand it,it is not mandatory unless the buyer is a business buyer or the customer requests an invoice.


I am currently creating my own style invoices in word with all required info and uploading each one manually. Does not take too long for as long as I stay on top of it!


There is absolutely no need to take any action on the “Invoice not uploaded” alerts as Amazon haven’t published any announcements or further information regarding the matter.


Do you class the likes of Crusader as a business seller are do they require an invoice?


Only if states ‘Business Customer’ or customer asks for one.

R - the order clearly states ‘Business Customer’ on it in a box, can’t really miss it…
I had one from Paper Cavalier last week which was identified as such, and one from a school which said the same - so I uploaded an invoice, but also did have an order from Crusader which did not say Business Customer, so I didn’t.
I realise they are a business, but maybe there is an extra level, possibly something to do with the VAT Calculation Service ? - and as Crusader seem to deal only in books they maybe are not VAT registered as books are zero rated - who knows ?
I only uploaded the invoice to the ones that actually state Business Customer


Thanks Jilly, just another complication ho hum!


I am non-vat registered seller as well and i agree it is very time consuming to generate a invoice for each order and AMZ is only offering automated Invoicing to VAT registered seller.
I have a suggestion can we all (and if we can spread this message) go to
HELP-> contact us (under need more help) -> Other Issues -> Make a Suggestion
and raise/suggest this. I have already done this. May be if we all do this it forces AMZ to offer such service.


Hello dear
Your notes helped a lot. I have a question, I am not good at computers.
New tool missing invoice is all about the real buying from ligid suppliers or we can upload packaging slip which is without price?
Day by day it’s increasing, I haven’t uploaded even single.
How can I do the previous ones and which one should I do?
I buy stock from open markets without VAT, I had to stop selling on Amazon since No invoices.
Please help, it’s my living and really affected.
I would appreciate your response n assistance.
Best regards


Please note that there is no need to upload the invoices unless the orders were placed by Business Customers.

Also, the receipts/ invoices which you upload for the customers should display the price.