Invoicing customers


We don’t subscribe to Amazon VAT Calculation but upload our own invoices for business customers & when asked send as an attachment through Amazon to non business customers.
Have been reading some threads regarding problems with directing customers to other sites or selling off Amazon.
Our invoices obviously include our name address & contact number, plus our website & email addresses.
In the crazy of Amazon do you think the inclusion of our site & email address could cause us a problem


I think it only becomes dodgy if you include some sort of offer code for people to order direct.

I don’t have a website, but have been including my name, address, mobile number and email address on my invoices sent via Amazon for many years. As I understand it, this is just basic contact information which I am obliged to put on all business paperwork as a sole trader.


Hi the invoice should be done through the invoice upload in the order options rather than emailing customer as an attachment.


Thought that only applied for business customers?


Hi as far as I’m aware it’s the way they should be uploaded for all obviously only businesses customers are mandatory.
I have to admit mind we still sometimes get asked we send an additional as an attachment it is rare though.