IOSS Orders



I am receiving orders from Ireland however i have unchecked international shipping. How can i avoid these orders because after collecting the VAT, my product get into heavy loss.

Please give me ways to get rid of heavy losses.


As its fba you need to go to settings - fba - shipping programmes and export settings and set amazon UK to disabled

Shipping templates under Shipping settings are only for FBM orders - not FBA

Have a read of seller university pages


You can cancel the Mall of Ireland sale on the product edit page and there should be no more orders from Ireland.


Op can’t cancel the order - if they’ve posted correctly, they posted under the FBA section - and you can’t cancel FBA orders


where i can see product edit page?


Shall i disable it?


In “Manage Inventory”, you click on your product editor, and then you will see your sales mall in the “Offer” section


this is under the FBM. In FBA there is no such options


i have done this as per your guidance. I hope i will not receive any orders from Ireland now.


Just to be sure, when you say Ireland, you do mean the Republic or Ireland and not Northern Ireland?


presumably NI wouldn’t have IOSS on the order nor VAT removed (presuming of course op is in UK)


Yeah, I doubt it’s what’s happening, but I noticed that they hadn’t actually said where in Ireland and thought it worth ruling out that OP was thinking there was a problem when there wasn’t.