iOSS VAT from July


ebay has already sent its IOSS number to sellers via email.


brilliant thanks for your help


I haven’t received the IOSS number from Ebay. Can you share if it’s allowed?


Yes, but when you go there there’s only 1 option per regions/countries. I sell on Amazon, Ebay and Etsy…so which number would I use?


I think the IOSS number will be the information for customs that Vat has been paid for all orders below €150


Would also love to know the answer to this question - different platforms will have different numbers but Click and Drop only seems to have the option to add only one number?


ebay are issuing me a IOSS number , amazon have not reached out with this yet?

also i take it i do not have to send DDP anymore?


Been having a look at how to make this work with Click and Drop - I think what you have to do is set up new trading names for each internet sales channel - such as ‘Company name - amazon’, ‘Company name - ebay’ etc. When you find out the IOSS from amazon, ebay etc, you can then enter it in the trading name info. You then go to Click and Drop’s integrations and match them all to the appropriate new trading name, which will then use the correct IOSS number. That’s what I think anyway.


Yes, that’s my understanding. eBay haven’t issued anything yet (to me) and Amazon will likely leave it until q week or so after it’s supposed to roll out.


It’s Jun 25th. These new rules come in on 1 July - in 6 days time. Yet not a peep from Amazon about how they/we are going to manage the changes. They clearly don’t care of the time and work that may be required from us sellers to implement any changes to our processes. So is it going to be the 1st, the midnight before or weeks after the 1st before they tell us what, if anything, we need to do?

I already know from Etsy what to do there. And I now know the Post Offices are not setup for this, yet. I also see that Ebay are letting sellers know their IOSS and RM are giving out some info for C&D. Just silence from Amazon.


eBay told me today that they haven’t issued ANYONE with the IOSS number yet. I double queried with them and they confirmed no one has the IOSS number yet. I know someone on here said they did, but according to eBay, not.


I haven’t had one either - I just expected it to show up on the first order after 1st July begins. Though would be nice it was just before so we can set up in Click and Drop for automated purposes.


Just had someone contact me wanting to buy 6 framed prints to be sent to Germany but was worried about the ‘postal situation’. They’ve now decided to wait as they believe it’ll be chaos for a few weeks whilst IOSS is implemented. In their words, Brexit is “Giving us all sorts of complications out here”.

Brexit, the gift that keeps on giving. Sunlit uplands…


Just had this back from Amazon SS:

The IOSS number will be unique numbers for each marketplace entity.

To me that means one for Germany, one for France etc


Also received this from amazon today… Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

Thank you for your message, about EU e-commerce VAT changes - July 1, 2021.

The number will be visible on Order Details Page per order, when you receives an order that falls under this change starting from July 1.

This means from July 1 you will see the number. We cannot provide this number earlier, because OSS will not be bgin until July 1st

There is no exception to this process.

If you deliver goods to EU customers from inventory stored outside the EU, you might be impacted by EU VAT on eCommerce (VOEC) legislation.

  1. If you deliver goods to EU customers who are not registered for EU VAT:

Amazon is required to collect and remit EU VAT on these sales if the intrinsic value of these goods does not exceed EUR150.

If the intrinsic value exceeds EUR150, you will have to remit VAT and any import duties yourself. Please note however that orders fulfilled directly by sellers for delivery to France will not be allowed, due to a change in French VAT Rules.

  1. If you deliver goods to EU customers who are registered for EU VAT (B2B customers), of any value, you will have to remit VAT and any import duties yourself.

The VAT rate collected and remitted by Amazon will be the one applied in the country of delivery to your customer for those goods. You will not receive the EU VAT amount in your disbursements and will not be required to report or remit these VAT amounts to the EU Tax Authorities.

The VAT exemption for sales of goods under EUR 22, where goods are delivered to EU customers from inventory stored outside of the EU, will also be removed as per July 1, 2021; EU VAT will be calculated and collected by Amazon on these sales.

Also note that, due to a related change in French VAT rules, orders fulfilled directly by sellers for delivery to France from a non-EU location will be limited to EUR 150 per order from July 1, 2021.

You remain responsible for accounting for any EU VAT on any other supplies including supplies to EU VAT registered business customers delivered in the EU.

You will also still be required to meet your VAT registration requirements in the EU countries in which you hold inventory.


Sounds like a real pain dealing with B2B customers in the EU now - especially for orders of small items, where having to pay a courier to provide a VAT prepaid delivery will mean a total loss of any profit.


Amazon NEED to allow us to exclude B2B sales, they won’t but they should.


Yes the b2b thing is a difficult one, I will probably just cancel all b2b sales that come through unless a simple DDP option is made available by the courier firms


Having asked time and time again, Amazon will not even confirm to me whether or not they will be using separate IOSS numbers for each marketplace. As one of the other posters has mentioned this is likely the case, but the fact that they cannot even confirm their process a couple of days before going live with this, is really poor. For those who use postage integrations with amazon it is likely that we will be doing a lot of manual order entry initially as I don’t see the correct IOSS number being automatically, electronically set up, with the order.


eBay have not officially given out their IOSS number yet. We have chased and they have actually called us a few times now to check we are all prepared for the changes. I queried when the number is being given out and they are unsure but said it would be before the 1st. But there is a developer PDF file available online - which was sent to certain users who use eBays API, and this does contain their IOSS number. To confirm it looks like it is only one number for all EU sites. So Amazon may only have one number for them all too - although unsure at the moment until they confirm.

We have actually registered for IOSS for our own website sales. So we are prepared there.

There are also a number of other marketplaces we sell on - and they have not yet informed us of their IOSS number. So it is not just Amazon it is others too. I guess ultimately they do not want to give out before the 1st July as it only affects sales from that date onwards. But does make things hard to plan.