iOSS VAT from July


Don’t know for certain, but I think Amazon Fees are charged on the final sale price.


Hi everyone,

Has anyone experienced that their customers in EU being asked by mail services to pay VAT and handling charges even though IOSS numbers provided on the label and electronically passed to Royal Mail? We have received several emails today from Sweden (items were sold after 1st of July and all IOSS info provided), but still Swedish Post Requires payments :rage:


We’ve sent several hundred since IOSS went active and haven’t had any customers say this, yet anyway

However we’ve had a few complaints from customers where they’ve been asked to pay customs charges on orders placed 27/28/29/30 June so customs must be treating items from the point they see them, not from when they’ve been shipped


Or do as i did copy and paste them to note book and save so one click to access on my puter.


We have received 2 parcel back from Germany because they ‘Failed at export’.

Both purchased 28th June, and all have correct CN22 etc on them.

I despair sometimes. :roll_eyes:


We had all Austrian returned from late June because customs was incomplete… clearly they aren’t looking at the CN22s



We are having a horrendous time with this, IOSS ref is on our label and sent via API, yet we are receiving issues from customers advising charges are being asked for, most of our items are below £30 and the rules as I understand are that if it’s not over 150 Euro, it isn’t subject to any duties. Our customers have put in negative feedback and Amazon won’t remove it, so our account is going to be suspended any time now if this keeps going.



what are the order dates? Did you follow the instructions on RMs website for the API?

We are using the API too and the only ones that seem to be a problem are before 1st of July


All from 1st July onwards. We use Cloud Commerce Pro to dispatch and they in turn with Intersoft and Royal Mail sort the API out so it sends through the IOSS and other info. We have to manually add the IOSS on our labels at the moment as the company we use has not sorted it out yet. Honestly I have never been so stressed out in business.


What is the product code of the international service you are using? Not all of them are compatible with IOSS numbers, it could be you’re using one that isn’t so the data isn’t retrieved when they scan it at customs.


It’s DW1. We used to use PS9 max sort with the blue bags but were informed to be complaint for the IOSS changes we would need to start using DW1, everything gets put into one cage now for all the designated countries.


so how about in the future if Amazon were to lets say handle the tax on deliveries to South Africa who have a very high import tax on luxuries.

paying amazon commission on the tax element could easily wipe out all the margin for many sellers.


We have the same issues with CCP having to refund EU customers import duties after manually keying in the IOSS numbers on the address labels



We aren’t refunding, I spoke to Royal Mail business and they confirmed yesterday they had a report that alot of EU customers are being charged by their countries customs incorrectly. They clarified our IOSS and CN23 information is all covered and it’s not our fault and many others are in the same boat.

I spoke to CCP after persisting and I got a call to explain Intersoft should be publishing a change around the 28th July to sort Royal Mail and the labels out so the information is printed. They have took information from me with regards to the Amazon order ID being visible on the shipping label and the pricing being vat exclusive, so they have all of this now and they know about it all.

I hope this helps you with your orders as well.
Royal Mail advise me to notify customers they have to apply for a refund from their country.


You know how that will pan out, right?


Yep, it’s gonna be fun and games



We are facing the same issue and having no luck with Amazon.

Did you manage to get anything back from them?


Nope, still nothing, sorry


So for orders over 150 shouldn’t amazon also be giving the VAT earnings to the seller to cover what we have pay to customs? Because at the moment this isn’t what’s happening.

Also does anyone know if there is a difference between orders over 150 and goods over 150? Does an order for 5 items each valued at 35 have the same rules as an order for one item valued at 175?


To be honest I have no idea how orders over 150 that are going from UK to EU will now work

I think they look on it that orders from UK to EU are UK VAT exempt - but they are not EU VAT exempt and someone somewhere has to pay this VAT.

It is because of their stupid policy that the customer cannot be charged more than the price paid at checkout we are now in such a mess. This policy is just not workable for export sales.