IP Infringement, how do you stop these when


There is an active Facebook Group which has been trying to address issues like this by challenging applications at an early stage. You may get some further support and ideas: ‘Trademark Watch Dawgs - Stop Frivolous Trademarks’.


I had one a few months back, we were selling an item made by a company Harry Hall called the Montblanc. However our item got banned, because there is a company called Montblanc, not that they even sell similar to this item and it infringed.
So a brand name and a product name, is an infringement, we have no hope.
Amazon did not want to know, and neither did this company when I asked them about it


We got an infringement notice on a greeting card! Just because it mentioned wanting presents of Jimmy Choos and a Mulberry handbag - another one mentioned Aston Martin. I had to reword the title to say 'Expensive shoes/handbag and fast car. That seemed to work and they are listed again. Try taking it out of the title


was it this? degree-458x458


I have also had problems with this and someone called Harry hall .
Can’t see how they can trademark Disney products or other top brands and say the own the rights and no one else dose … when you can buy these from wholesaler and also buy them in Tesco ??? So you telling me this Harry hall supplies Tesco ???


That product would be in contravention of Google’s trademark anyway.


No, IMO “Don’t” and “Do Not” are too similar and they have a right to take you down for that, sorry.


Harry Hall is quite a well known, and large company…


Could you trademark something they sell to get back at them :slight_smile:

I wonder though, what if you were to put all your designs into a poster and have the poster trademarked, that way you have some kind of evidence to back you up when thing’s like this happen, I remember getting an infringement for something I sold 8 years ago and the seller trademarked and complained within 2 weeks of it being registered.

Very common words

But although amazon wanted me to prove to them that I had permission or where my goods were supplied from, I did not, I simply provided them with evidence that:

  1. An invoice showing a design created by the artist which contained the words of the trademark
  2. Sales receipts of me selling the design 8 years before it was trademarked
    and some other bits of bobs :slight_smile:

But ofcourse you will have to delete the entire inventory, I even went on to say if someone trademarked the word t-shirt would you kick everyone off amazon for selling?


Do a mug with My ‘#### degree’ is greater than your [USE A SEARCH BOX ICON].



I did exactly this! Had enough of other sellers doing it to me!


I don’t think you can do something similar. Otherwise there would be no end to it. For example it you registered an image of a bike that had 50 spokes in a wheel. Someone else could do the same with 51 spokes and call it their own. It’s the same with quotes. It could go on and on. Another example. Don’t, dont, don’t!, don’t. , don’t. . As I said it can go on and on.


Surely they are the same word…

Abbreviations and acronyms are shortened forms of words or phrases. An abbreviation is typically a shortened form of words used to represent the whole (such as Dr. or Prof.) while an acronym contains a set of initial letters from a phrase that usually form another word (such as radar or scuba).


What Is the Difference Between an Abbreviation and an …

https://abbreviations.yourdictionary.com › articles › what-is-the-difference-b…


Do you think it could pass the Moron in a hurry test?

If not, and they have a trademark, you are likely to lose.

P.s This is actually real :joy:


You can also claim ‘design rights’, even if no design/trademark exists.

Many years ago, we had advice that stated, we should take an image/any text details, place in an envelope, take it to a PO and send it back to ourselves. Postmarked.
Once received back, leave unopened, with content written on the back for any future reference.


That’s the version of the of the person that reported us. Ours had a different version of the Google logo on it. We didn’t use the actual Google logo.


I challenged a take down last year. It affected many mug sellers and we all kept in touch throughout the process, we have our own little group on Facebook. I hired a specialist IP Lawyer. It cost me over £3k by the time it was done.

The word in question was slang but was first introduced to the urban dictionary in 1976. Our listings using this word predated the complainant by at least 2 years. The other sellers listings also predated the trademark registration.

UK IPO refused to backtrack or admit they were wrong. I lost £3k and my lawyer was bamboozled by the UK IPO refusal. I have searched this on the internet and found articles about my case, also stunned by UK IPO’s decision.

So yes, I have grounds to chase this up but I have no faith in UK IPO to admit they have (again) made a mistake.


Iceland trademarked the name of a country


It’s how they USE the “trademark” that’s important.

I’m sure Iceland supermarket aren’t trying to take down someone selling maps of Iceland (the country).

In my case someone has registered a trademark but are using it as copyright on a phrase.


That sounds very much like Seller Support…