IPI score dropped because of covid-19, Amazon now raising our threshold


Hi all,

Our inventory IPI score (which was fine pre covid-19) has dropped sharply since Amazon started advertising extended delivery times in March.
One of our FBA product lines is outdoor events related so sales expectedly dropped, but Amazon’s extended lead times have definitely compounded the situation.

Amazon have now written to us saying that our IPI threshold will be increased effective immediately so our storage capacity will be limited in Q3.

Wasn’t Amazon supposed to be waiving IPI scores? They’ve been waiving PO on time accuracy charges for Vendor Central shipments so I’m not sure if I’ve mistakenly assumed they were doing the same for IPI scores?

Can anyone shed any light on this?


It’s Amazon being Amazon unfortunately.

My IPI has dropped to 391 due to COVID and i’ve been doing everything I can to avoid going below the 350 threshold, however, I’ve just received the same email that Amazon are changing the limit to 400 with immediate effect and I will have restrictions in Q3.



I’m a french seller. My IPI has dropped from 431 to 388 in few weeks.

The warehouses have been closed in France for 1 month after a court decision. So, 80% of my inventory is out of stock. And I lost more than 80% of my sales. From 40 to 7 orders a day during this period (I’m a pan-european seller, so i continue to sell some products stored in other countries)

I noticed Amazon has changed the IPI threshold this week. 350 to 400. So, i’m very worried…
Even if I haven’t received the email yet

@Tinselworm , @FBA_UK : what is your new storage limit?

Thank you.


Mine has been changed to 400 too. I have 5.36% of my inventory stranded in France.

I can’t do anything about that.


They are now using the FBA in stock rate.

How does my FBA in-stock rate affect my IPI?

Your in-stock rate indicates how much value you’re getting out of your products by staying in stock on replenishable ASINs. For example, if you go out of stock on a popular product, your lost sales represent a missed opportunity to increase your IPI. However, short-term delays in restocking your replenishable ASINs will not result in IPI points being deducted for running out of stock. Over the long term, if you don’t replenish a popular product, the remainder of your inventory has low sales, or if your inventory is unproductive, your IPI score will be affected.

This is really annoying. I find I delete products when I run out of stock and then I get a return and it becomes stranded. It just creates more and more admin.


It wouldn’t be so bad if there was a way to delete a product on all 6 platforms. As it stands we have to go and delete a single product 6 times.


You don’t need to delete the products.

Just go to => Restock Inventory => Customise SKU settings => Replenishable? => No => Update.

This will hide your product on all marketplaces and improve your FBA in-stock rate.


That sounds good. I can’t navigate there. Where is the first option?



Just found it. Is there a way to do them in bulk?


Sorry, I don’t think so.


I have converted them to FBM. That is a quicker way but thanks for your reply.



Archived listings still count. Listings you convert from FBA to MFN still count. Hiding these listings from Amazon’s recommendations is the only way to go round it.


I don’t understand how FBM products can affect your IPI score.

Are you saying I have to delete the products from the six market places?

I have over 2000 to delete.


If you convert FBA inventory to FBM, the recommendations will remain in the list.
Give it a try.

The only way is to hide the recommendations.


I deleted hundreds of lines last night but it has had no impact on the instock measure.


This is highly infuriating and in my opinion very unfair and unreasonable of Amazon. Our IPI has fallen solely down to Amazon’s decision as of 16th March to stop fulfilling orders for products weighing 15kg. Here is their reply "I would like to inform you that our team has excluded the products which are heavier than 15 kg. Please note Team lift capabilities (handling ASINs heavier than 15 kg) have been turned off with respect to the “1 m social distance rule”. COVID - 19. Since the product weight is heavier than 15 kg for which our team have to send 2 Associates to handle the unit. Please note currently no customer shipment, transfer or removal order can be fulfilled and no new replenishment shipment should be created. Our team will let you know once they resume regular operations. "
Due to this for 2 months we have had 22% in stranded inventory which has caused our IPI to drop below 400. Amazon need to and should not take into account stranded inventory when calculating the IPI whilst they have this new rule in place.
If anyone else is in the same situation I urge you to reach our to FBA support.


I keep writing to them and asking them to explain
a) When was the increase to 400 communicated?
b) Exactly how are you adjusting for my stranded stock?

They just keep replying with a cut and paste answer and ignoring my specific questions.

It is just RUDE!


We received an email on 14th May communicating the new threshold of 400. However that aside they need to adjust sellers IPI if it has been affected due to new Amazon policies brought in during COVID-19


You need to wait 1 or 2 days in general.


Because, the warehouses are still closed in France, we still have 80% in stranded inventory.

And today my IPI is down again… Very rude