IPI score dropped because of covid-19, Amazon now raising our threshold


I completely agree but I won’t hold my breath :slight_smile:


I have now given up with email and made 3 phone calls.
The first chap had to keep going away to read the help pages as he didn’t really understand. He suggested I create a removal order for all the stranded stock in France. He said normally all that stock would be transhipped to a different warehouse!

The second lady spoke such bad English to had to keep spelling words out that I could not understand.

The third person said she did not really know much about it and could not get access to my account. She suggested I talk to their technical team. I asked her to put me through. She said they won’t speak to sellers.

I pay over £500k per year in fees and they treat sellers like this.


I’m mad because they said they would take into account the impact the virus has had on account. I havent had email that mentions anything like that even though it states so on help page. I cant believe they not only aren’t taking the restrictions into account but have in fact raised the bar on ipi. Disgraceful


When mine changes I will have more oversize than I’m allowed, does anyone know how to see whats in oversize storage?


How can you see what the changes will be? Mine still says unlimited.


Steph, where is the fisrt option please?


Have people had their email telling them that they will have limits next quarter yet?


i havent yet i can only see my new limites in FBA inventory section. Guess maybe they are looking at the impace and will either revise the number or ??


Mine still says unlimited. It’s all very confusing.


you have to click on exapnd its a littl ething in middle you click then you can see next quarter. if it says unlimited then you good


I will be limited but to a figure more than double what I have now. Panic over. Thanks


We have 215 SKUs (559 items) sleeping in French or Italian FBA (“Inventory error”), of course our index is down.

I wonder if it is possible to remove those blocked items and ship them to another country


great I am doing that. Do you think I should just do it for my entire cataloge to be safe? or will that effect sales?