IPI Score keeps decreasing despite perfect metrics! Help please


Hi everyone

Can someone please explain how its possible our IPI score keeps decreasing - now 615 - when we have consistently had no stranded inventory, no restocking issues, no excess inventory, and a sell through rate between 3.5-5

Of course the sell through can be better but this is quite a solid number, and our this should not cause our IPI to drop 1-3 points every week!

At what point does it go up?

Amazon have provided no insight and just say this is how the computer determines it

If anyone can share some information, it would be appreciated


In case you aren’t aware, there is currently no benefit to being more over the 500 required to get unlimited storage. By far the biggest factor for IPI is the sell-through rate. I believe i saw somewhere once that Amazon considers a sell-through of 7+ to be “excellent” - though i can’t find it after a quick look at a couple of webinars.

It’s worth noting that you likely have too much in FBA at any one time. Excess inventory only counts those items that they believe will not sell within 90 days, whereas your sell-through rate uses a calculation which includes all stock available over the last 90 days. It used to be the case that Amazon recommended sending up to 8 weeks of inventory at a time but i think their more recent webinars are suggesting up to 4 weeks.

It does seem the trick with sell-through especially is to send little but often.


I get you…

Mine dropped below 500 on the build up of stock preparing for black friday - so I participate in lots of black friday deals… my sales have risen during this last week yet my ipi score has gone down - twice!
I’m now on 479!!

I prepared the b/f sales with ipi in mind - more fool me I’m thinking!


There have been a handful of people reporting what you’re experiencing, in some cases having their IPI scores go down even though their sell through rate has consistently increased week to week over a number of weeks.

We are also seeing this problem. We were still/level at 585 for months, then even though sell through rate has stayed level or increased, it’s been going down between 1-3 every Monday for a couple of months now.

I have a suspicion that something is broken in the system that means once you have a single drop the system never recognises that it’s already happened and continues to drop every week based on the initial input.