Ireland postage


Am I Right or wrong. I sold an expensive item to Ireland. Amazon took a payment of 5.50 from the customer. My fault so was willing to subsidise. It was the price of a domestic parcel to Northern Ireland. Amazon charged this price based on the postcode which is correct.
Took it to the post office and was charged £60 tracked as it is not Northern Ireland but Southern Ireland which is classed as International. My charge for International including Ireland is £45.00 and I would have paid the difference. So why are Amazon arguing about the charge when they should have charged the customer £45 as an international package instead of a domestic parcel. After 3 emails I am no further than I was at the beginning. Surely it is there responsibility if they have classed the postcode as belonging to Uk. It quite clearly says on my International postal charges that items over £200 are £45 tracked.


When you say the postcode is correct, do you mean it is Northern Ireland (which is always a BT code) or Republic of Ireland? Maybe your post office made a mistake?
Do you have a professional selling account where you can set your own postage charges, or an individual account in which case Amazon sets your postage?


It is a Republic of Ireland postcode and I set my own charges. Thank you.


I should have added that the post office and Royal Mail have confirmed it is not Northern Ireland.


The postcode must be incorrect then because the post office would’ve used the one you provided and their system would’ve recognised it

I’m guessing the buyer chose Northern Ireland when checking out in an attempt to bypass the delivery charge

Also how are you paying £60 for tracked? You need to get a business account much cheaper


Thank you for your reply. I have checked the postcode on the map and it comes up as accurate in Southern Ireland. However you could be right. The parcel was very heavy and a one off. If I had realised it was not N. Ireland I would have contacted the customer before it went to the Post Office. An expensive mistake. I am now waiting to hear from Amazon as it has been passed on to someone else. I will update. Thank you.


Unless I’m mistaken the customer has to select their country in the last line of their address (all of my recent orders show the country anyway). Take a look at their order and see if the last line shows as Ireland or United Kingdom.