Ireland Warehouse shipping



I am based out of ireland and my items are more or less ready for shipping the only issue I see is it doesn’t allow to select local Ireland Shipping address knowing that the warehouse has started but UK Address.

Does anyone know this or came across off late ?


Are you based in ROI? I don’t think that there are any Amazon warehouses in Ireland as yet.

If you are based in ROI and planning on FBA with do you have your UK VAT registration sorted out?


You need to explain better as to exactly what it is that you mean here.
Firstly, by Ireland, do you me Eire on NI?

If your shipping to the UK and your in Eire, then have you registered for VAT if your going to use FBA?

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Hi Ryland,

Im from Ireland and just set up an amazon seller account and thought I could send my items to the amazon warehouse in Dublin too. Did you find an answer in the end? would love to know if you did as no one seems to know anything about the Dublin warehouse.

Many thanks,


There is no Dublin Warehouse for Fba yet. I went through it with them late last year. You will have to send to uk warehouse and register for vat in uk as you will be storing your stock there. I’m from Dublin doing fbm so doesn’t affect me, Best of Luck


I am also based in Ireland Republic and having looked at the revenue website its says;

Ireland will be a third country for UK VAT purposes. After Brexit the general position will be that where an Irish business provide services to a business customer in the United Kingdom, VAT will not be chargeable in Ireland.

So a bit confused do we need to register for VAT in UK to store products there or not??


Yes you do as you do not live in the UK.


There is a difference between GOODS and SERVICES. A service is a job or function you perform (say
answering telephone calls). Goods are physical items delivered to consumers (or businesses).

So if you answer telephone calls for a UK business, UK VAT does not need to be charged on your invoices (it will actually be reverse-charged).

However if you store goods in the UK, then you are required to be registered for VAT.