Is Amazon hiding your offers?


I was looking at microphones on Amazon yesterday and I was interested in the Samson G-Track Pro listed on this page…

Under the listing it says there are 7 offers, and since there is one cheaper than the buy-box price I wanted to see what it was.

However, yesterday when I looked the ONLY offer shown was… yes you guessed it… AMAZON!

Today all the other offers are being shown, but why were the other ones missing yesterday? Is this deliberate, or just another one of those convenient ‘glitches’ that ALWAYS seem to work in Amazon’s favour?

If you experience a sudden loss in sales better check your listings.

(In the end I went for a different mic altogether and got it of ebay. Better deal and don’t feel tainted having bought from Scamazone).


Yes they are. I created a brand new offer in the UK and also on the European sites for something that did not exist as an offer beforehand. Within days a competor started selling the same item through FBA and jumped onto the new offer and using the text and images I created (and ostensibly paid for) started selling. I consider that to be “fair play” from the competitor or at least an indicator that I can do the same with the offerings they have created which do not actually use the correct manufacturer provided EAN barcodes. When I look for my offer using text from the title of the product I am often presented with only one option which is their FBA variety without a mention of a second offering. Reducing the price of my offer (as a test) had little effect, the FBA offer still wins out even if my less expensive offer is shown as an “also ran”.

It is their ball and they make the rules and the way that they bend them will suit their business goals.


Yes, we are having the same problem. One of our dealers in their wisdom supplied Amazon with our stocks, even though we told our dealer we do not allow them to sell on Amazon, they ignored and sent stocks to Amazon. So, we are the brand owner, paying for advertising and even listed our product under Amazons Price, but still Amazon products are appearing and ours are lost in the background, sales have dropped from 20 per day on this one product to Zero. Oh, well, the answer is, not to supply our dealer with product and hopefully when Amazon run out of stock we will not be supplying anymore. However, if it frustrating to see that Amazon offers appear before anybody else, even when we pay for advertising. Seems like they can earn money from our advertising and make money out of selling our product also.
Crazy, Crazy and it does make me think not to advertise and maybe sell elsewhere